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    Sims Sunday: Endings And Beginnings

    I didn’t have much gameplay time this week, and I’m ever so tired, so I’m going to keep this week’s update short.

    Furthermore, I understand this is the last Sunday of summer vacation for a lot of you out there. I salute your return to school! Today is the first day that’s really felt like fall. I fear the summer has come to an end.

    Verich and a guest partied hard at Verich’s birthday.

    I love watching Sims dance! I do miss the “Smustle,” though. This was a group dance in Sims 1 and Sims 2. Once you declared it was time to Smustle, every Sim on the lot would join in.

    This entire batch of Sims is very athletic. Look at ’em go!

    sims sunday

    I decided to amuse myself by setting up the Floor Hygeinator that Simon built. This is a thing you place on the floor, and when you walk over it, most of the time it poots out a sparkly refreshing cloud.

    sims sunday

    But sometimes it goes wrong, and emits a green stink cloud instead. What does it smell like? Farts? Rotten eggs? I don’t know, but I know that it’s a smell bad enough to induce vomiting.

    sims sunday

    Umlaut FINALLY died. Dude was 113 days old! It was starting to seem like he’d never leave.

    sims sunday

    As a parting gift, his ghost tripped the Floor Hygeinator on the way out. It pooted green (bad) on poor Wingdings.

    sims sunday

    Sorry, darling!

    Isn’t Wingdings adorable, by the way?

    sims sunday

    Even though like most teenagers, she’s a terrible cook.

    Wesley is a pretty cute kid, too. When he became a teenager, he ended up with the same hairstyle his dad had at his age.

    sims sunday

    Meanwhile, Verich got old, and I finally let him retire.

    sims sunday

    Now that the kids are all in school, I’ve been sending Verich and Patricia out into the yard all day. One day I hope to see a meteor strike!

    sims sunday

    Patricia finally got old. I gave her a pair of Daisy Dukes, to celebrate the hot new bod she worked so hard to acquire.

    sims sunday

    “Daisy” just doesn’t seem befitting a woman of her age, though. So I call them “Erma Dukes.”

    5 comments to Sims Sunday: Endings And Beginnings

    • You have been a bad influence on me. I’ve been playing Virtual Villagers which is like Sims-Lite-Lite. My people only live about three days, though, which I only just learned when I scrolled around their very limited island environment and discovered a teeny-weeny bleached, white skeleton lying on the ground. I gasped a little with the surprise and the creepitude of it. But then the chief gathered the skeleton up into an armful of bones and buried it in the cemetary, complete with headstone. I felt better. Oddly, none of the other 10 villagers paid any attention to the ceremony, although they’ll usually all come running over to one spot for the most minor of events.

    • Northmoon

      R.I.P. Umlaut

    • Emily

      No! Not Umlaut! We were just suggesting names for him a little while ago! He can’t be that old already!

    • The dancing is so cute that I’d be tempted to make them dance all day…
      And Wingdings is indeed adorable!

    • deborah

      Oh god, the sunglasses! Verich’s transformation to pr0n star is complete!

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