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    Then Again…

    Sometimes it’s easy to figure out when it’s time to rip. Like when you look down at the scarf you’re knitting, the long edges of which should (in theory) lie parallel, and you see this:

    multidirectional scarf


    Bad cafe cameraphone picture aside, I think it’s pretty clear that this scarf has gone completely off the rails.

    As a challenge to your knitting and spatial logic skills, I ask you to put on your Knitting CSI hat and deduce what happened. I’ll put the answer in the comments.

    11 comments to Then Again…

    • Erika

      Visually, if you rotate that last triangle 180 degrees that’s where it should fit. The side which is on the top in the picture, should be attached along the side of the second triangle.

      What happened? Simple: I started picking up stitches and knitting short rows from the wrong end. I started with the live green stitches on the right side, but I should have started with the stitches on the left instead.

      (I can’t take credit for figuring out the answer – another knitter at the table worked it out first.)

    • dorothy

      I think everyone who has knit that scarf has made that mistake with a triangle at some point. IIRC, the instructions for when to start the next short rows was a wee bit vague.

    • Erika

      It probably would have helped if A) I had bothered to read the instructions beyond the first triangle, and B) I had been paying even the least bit of attention! It’s reassuring to know that other people have done the same thing, though!

    • jenn

      Oh dear, I’ve definitely done that while making an entrelac shawl. But I didn’t notice it in time and the resultant shawl was shaped more like the batman sigil than a shawl. Count yourself lucky!

    • T.

      I’m not even gonna try to figure it out, but you sure gave me a hearty chuckle!

    • Sarah

      I say keep it – call it a vodka scarf, and wear it with pride!

    • What, you don’t like extra corners in your scarves?

    • Oh, you could keep going, put in a few more corners, and then submit it to “Knitter’s” as something “innovative” and “cool.”

      (Did I just say that?)

    • Northmoon

      Yes, it’s so boring to knit scarves in long rectangles. I agree with fillyjonk, keep going and call it ‘inovative’.

    • That explains the ridge across the top.

    • LOL! This scarf is turning into the project from H. E. Double Hockey Sticks! It will be cool (and warm) when done, though.

      You know, done on a much larger scale with two corners, one could knit a ruana. I’ll have to remember that….

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