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    Back From The Dead

    The other day I was casting about for a new project to start. Then I remembered the Celtic Bunny Hat: I bought the pattern and the yarn at the Toots LeBlanc booth at Madrona two years ago. That would be great!

    But as I contemplated the pattern (Ravelry/non-Ravelry) I realized that it has a cable almost identical to that of the Celtic Cabled Scarf that I abandoned last April. After some soul searching, and a spot of Twittering, I shamed myself into reviving the scarf from its slumber.

    After working a few repeats over the last few nights, I had to just wash the darned thing. I’m not sure where it picked up that odd smell, but I see that I noticed it the first time I abandoned the project, last October.

    celtic cabled scarf

    Refreshed and revived from its soapy bath and some time spent on The Orange Towel of Blocking Large Knits, I’m sure now it will be finished before you know it! *looks around shiftily*

    6 comments to Back From The Dead

    • I’m trying very hard to figure out the relationship between Dell computers and towels. I’m not really sure what their marketing department was thinking…

      Anyway, scarf is gawjus!!

    • Maybe there were some “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fans in Dell’s marketing dept.? Or they thought Dell users might be?

    • I do truly love that pattern. Celtic cables = perfect combination of complexity and simplicity.

    • T.

      Wait – isn’t that the scarf that you redrafted because the cables weren’t crossing “right”? I seem to recall I frogged mine to keep my head from exploding.

      It’s a beaut. And now it’s not emanating guilt feelings so you can carry on with the bunny hat, right?

    • I love that scarf! Grey Cabling makes my insides melt, I can’t help myself 😛

    • That’s my favorite cable pattern!
      I don’t blame you for washing it – it’s hard to knit while pinching your nose…

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