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The Prodigal Knits Return

On Sunday I picked up my knits from the county fair. Along with my FABULOUS CASH PRIZE! Did you know there’s a FABULOUS CASH PRIZE? It’s true! And I earned TWO, one for each ribbon!

(Honesty compels me to add that the cash prize is $3 for the blue ribbon, and $2 for the red.)

fair winning knits

This year they had all the knits cordoned off, so that the general public couldn’t fondle them, with their sticky funnel cake fingers. I had hoped this meant that I wouldn’t have to re-wash these items (which are destined as gifts).

Unfortunately the needlearts barn is right next to the poultry barn. And both items have the faint but distinctive smell of chicken poop. So these two are destined for a nice soapy bath!

Bonus content: My cat is annoying me.

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