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    I’m A Wiener!

    I won a blue ribbon for the Waterfall Lace Scarf. Sorry for the lousy picture – they had the area roped off so that people couldn’t get too close. (PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE KNITTING!)

    skagit county fair

    Last year there was NO lace, it was all sweaters. This year? No sweaters – all lace! It figures.

    My Cabled Feather Cowl took a red ribbon, second to a stockinette cowl with stitches so precisely even, you could die.

    skagit county fair

    It turns out that everyone’s a wiener, at least when it comes to knitting. Ribbons for all! I got the small ribbons. There were also big showy rosettes. I think those must be the real winning ribbons. I don’t know; it was really confusing.

    On to the rest of the fair!

    There is a diorama competition, with three age classes. This was the winner for Senior Class. It’s amazing! The caption is “SIMULATION OF GOING BACK TO THE MOON BY NASA.”

    skagit county fair

    This Buff Orpington won a white 4H ribbon. My Buff Orpingtons are prettier.

    skagit county fair

    They also had a bantam Buff Orpington, which was like looking at one of my chickens through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. It was about a third regular size! So compact!

    skagit county fair


    Here’s what may be my favorite part of the fair. This is a 4H competition which is not quite a cat show. Instead, it is a “decorate cages and then put a cat inside” show.

    skagit county fair

    I told all of the cats that they were really good kitties, to put up with such a thing. REALLY good.

    skagit county fair

    Startled sheep is startled!

    skagit county fair

    4H kids don’t mince words.

    skagit county fair

    Shaggy cow is shaggy!

    skagit county fair


    skagit county fair

    My favorite quilt. No Nazi quilts this year, thank heavens! (I double-checked.)

    skagit county fair

    “Who’s a big fluffy owl? Whoooo?”

    11 comments to I’m A Wiener!

    • my comments are:
      “moo cow!”
      what can you say, I’m a city girl :) and that pretty thing thar makes me want to add quilting to my list of “things I think I AM, but really I’m not doing” for hobbies

    • Tari

      Congrats on the ribbons. Just had our 4H fair weekend too. The 3 yr old loved all the animals; not much knitting this year though.

    • dorothy


      I am stumped by that decorated cage. Was there some kind of theme to it or just random toys hot glued to the floor of the cage?

    • jenn / jlms qkw

      wow! you have great pix, and congrats on your ribbons, too 😉

      how brave of you to enter! “clappity clap clap”

    • Yay for ribbons! And yay for piggies and sheep and chickens and cows! And owls!

      Total bafflement for cats in cages, though. Who thought of that for a category? And who told him it was a great idea?

    • Northmoon

      Congradulations on your ribbons!

      Looks like a really great little fair. Love the cat display – looks like the cat’s saying “Can we get this over with please?”

      Are you going to enter one (or both) of your Buff Orpingtons next year? I wouldn’t even suggest you subject your cats to the indignity of sitting in a decorated cage. I suspect that chickens are less discriminating.

    • Hey, small or not, a blue ribbon is a blue ribbon. You go, girl!

    • The ribbon on that cat’s cage even says “Best Cage”. I guess adding a cat for decoration was a good idea!

      Last year I went to the Maryland State Fair (our 2010 one hasn’t happened yet). This painting in the 4-H area was my favorite:

    • Great work on the ribbons! The judges clearly know good work when they see it.

      I have never seen a shaggy cow like that, and I live in America’s Dairyland. What the heck is a “call duck”? Kitteh looks pretty fed up. 4-H kids are the salt of the earth.

    • Brandi

      Congratulations on a well-deserved blue ribbon!

      Those decorated cages are …interesting.

    • Congratulations! So maybe the entries are reactionary and if you do lace next year you’ll be the only one! I love the quilts, I’ve just started a quilt of my own and I’m finding how hard it is. You get the whole blanket done and you’re only half (if you’re lucky) done!

      So what do you think, did the entries and branching out help your knitting ennui?

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