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    Fly Free, Little Knittings

    On Sunday I made my way to the Skagit County fairgrounds to drop off my knitting. It’s on the stack behind the woman taking submissions, in two quart Ziploc bags.

    skagit county fair

    I had to make my way through a group of other knitters who were apparently standing around waiting to stare avidly at the next person who came along to drop off their knitting. It was a little intimidating, that much eager judgmentalism* in one place so early in the day.

    I won’t find out how I did until I actually go to the fair on Thursday. But I did learn that every submission gets a ribbon, which is hilarious!

    So I will certainly get A ribbon. But which one? Tune in Thursday to find out!

    When I was frantically steam blocking the crap out of the top margin of the Cabled Feather Cowl last Friday, something about it struck me as wrong. It just didn’t look… it’s kind of… something was… OH.

    I suddenly realized I’d had it inside out for ages. Including in the last picture I posted of the finished object.

    cabled feather cowl

    I think you’ll agree it looks a lot better with the right side out.

    * That’s a word, right?

    6 comments to Fly Free, Little Knittings

    • Good luck! There are purple, blue, red, green, white, and pink ribbons — which one do you want? (I know the colors because my grandmother had tacked her county fair ribbons on the inside of her cedar chest cover, which I now have… somewhere.)

      Inside out? Funny how we don’t see what is in front of us. I knit my first few Mason-Dixon dishcloths with the long slipped stitches in vertical lines instead of offset. Read the first bit of the pattern and never bothered to read the rest. Duh.

    • perfection!
      and yes, I think it is a word :)

    • Anonymous

      LOL, looks good both ways, but better right side out. Good luck at the fair!

    • Wow! Looks even better the right way out! Funny how that happens 😛

    • Northmoon

      How exciting that you are putting your knitting in the competition. Good luck. I’ll be tuning in Friday for results.

      I agree that the feather cowl is perfection. If someone else gets first prize it must be politics!

      And it sounds like a word to me, even if it might not be in a dictionary yet!

    • It must be a winner if it looks that good inside-out… 8)
      Good luck!

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