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    The Chicken Report

    Ethel is limping much less. In fact, you would have to be some kind of crazy obsessive chicken owner in order to notice the limp at this point.

    I still notice the limp.

    But it’s getting better, and I’m sure it will be gone soon.


    (Sorry for the crappy cameraphone picture. I forgot to take my digital camera down with me, and I just couldn’t be bothered to make a second trip.)

    In other chicken-related news, I was shocked to see Martha (the other Buff Orpington) drinking from that crazy-ass waterer! No one else seems to be drinking from it at this point. It’s like Martha’s private water fountain.

    I also learned about an interesting thing this week. Bleaching is the phenomenon whereby the hen’s body robs itself of yellow pigment in the process of laying eggs.

    I thought I was crazy for thinking that the legs of Harriet, my Rhode Island Red, had gotten more pale over the summer. I thought it was just the way the sunlight washes colors out. But no, they really were a more vibrant yellow last winter.

    It made me feel a little bad about the whole thing. But they color right back up over the winter months when they stop laying. It’s not fatal or anything.

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