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    Chicken Drama

    For the moment I decided to hang the hanging feeder from a cross-beam with a spare dog leash. With a knot tied in it, to bring it up to the right height.

    chicken feeder

    SO classy.

    Last week I noticed that Ethel was limping pretty badly. Her lame foot was also totally filthy. And so it is that I found myself in a position of having to give a chicken a foot bath.

    chicken feeder

    “Why are you looking at me like that? You’re planning something, aren’t you?”

    This is the kind of thing that makes me glad that A) I deliberately chose breeds described as “calm” and “friendly,” and B) I spent a lot of time handling them as chicks. Flipping a chicken upside down, washing its foot, and giving it a close examination can be unpleasant for all involved.

    chicken feeder

    … But Ethel was mostly just curious.

    Poor dear. You can see the others have been pecking the back of her head. (It’s not bloody – it’s just that her comb flesh is flushed.) And down there on the belly you can see where she’s plucked out her feathers when she goes broody.

    Ethel is kind of a mess. I will not be entering her in the county fair any time soon.

    chicken feeder

    “Dear Ethel,

    Please do not peck me in the boob.


    – Erika”

    Anyway I didn’t find anything obviously amiss. (And she didn’t peck me – in the boob or anywhere else.) Maybe she just pulled a hamstring or something.

    5 comments to Chicken Drama

    • Melissa

      Chicken foot baths for picked on chickens! You’re practically mother Theresa. 😀

    • Cristina

      Ethel is a lovely hen! Look at that profile! The intelligent look in her eye! Her calm demeanor when being manhandled by her chicken momma! A little soap and some vaseline to soften up the scabs on that comb and she could win some prizes.

    • Birds will try to kill an injured bird, I might have her checked by a vet if it is affordable. Generally speaking when a bird is showing signs of pain or illness, it is worse that meets the eye. If she is spending time fluffed up and the others are pecking she is probably injured or sick.

    • Sara

      Chickens have hamstrings?

      (I am ridiculously amused by the phrase.)

    • Northmoon

      That first picture of Ethel is a perfect shot for “what are you planning to do to me?” Nice that she’s so calm when getting a foot bath.

      Per Debi’s comment, I hope she’s okay and it was some minor thing like stubbing her toe or pulling a hamstring(!!??) that made her limp.

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