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    How ‘Bout This Weather?

    Hey everyone, lookit me! I’m up way early! This morning I woke up at 4:30 to let the chickens out as usual. Unlike every other morning, I didn’t go back to bed afterward.

    I make fun of the Pacific Northwest for calling 85-90 degrees a “heat wave,” but the truth is that nothing is air conditioned. It’s hard to get any writing done past about 2PM, because it’s just too damned hot to think. And thus I’m giving the early shift a try today.

    drops 103-1

    A nice side effect of this weather is that I can trot out all the hand knits for a good washing. This bulky sweater, for example, dried in only two days! Amazing!

    7 comments to How ‘Bout This Weather?

    • Mich

      Humidity can’t be too high if you can dry things outside. I’ll still mock you for thinking 85-90 is hot, but if you’re not used to it I guess it could be ^_~

      Should be a sign I live in the south when my AC doesn’t even kick on at the mid 80s these days. Yeah acclimation, boo living swamp!

    • It is a perk I hadn’t fully appreciated that we can actually DRY our woolies summer or winter, particularly summer.

    • Hailing from Chicago, where normally we have air, but old houses were not equipped with it. New adventure, living in 90* heat, with air only in the upper bedroom area’s. Learning to love the heat though. I will be complaining come January. On another note, it looks sunny, which is great?!

    • klaus

      yeah I live in so cal and for all intents and purposes we don’t have ac either. We have an ancient wall unit that we turn on if it breaks the low 100s, if we wimp out. Pretty much everyone else I know has air though.

    • I consider 90˚ a heat wave, too. Just sayin’…

    • I spent a measureable portion of this evening lying on my back on the tile floor. The cool tiles felt so gooooooooood. (The cats joined me. I’m sure we made a pretty funny picture.)

    • We’ve been roasting all week in Vermont, where the temps have been in the 90s. We’re just not equipped for that kind of heat – we’re usually worried about staying *warm*, not cool…

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