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    I Won June!

    Welcome to July! I completed the June socks just under the deadline.

    crime scene tape socks

    And a picture of the socks “au naturel,” for those who requested it last time. (I meant to take that picture, and never got around to it.)

    crime scene tape socks

    I think I might take a break for July. I have some projects I really want to make good progress on. And looking at my stash, I only have four pairs of socks’ worth of this kind of yarn. (Multicolor, so it doesn’t require a fancy stitch pattern to be interested. 8 st/inch, a lightweight sock that’s good for wearing in sneakers.) And one of those skeins is the yarn that knits up into tiger stripes, so I’m not sure if that actually counts.

    That’s pretty good, stash-wise. I feel okay with keeping that amount on hand.

    3 comments to I Won June!

    • Great socks! If you aren’t going to knit socks in July, might you consider writing up a template/outline/pattern form them? I’m pretty sure you’ve blogged the toes, heels, bind-off/cast-on before, but weren’t they in several posts? Or am I being a ditzle-brain again? LOL And how are the chicks?

    • Cute socks!

      I can’t deal with my stash. I have high hopes/plans of knitting it up.

    • Love those socks! So bright and cheery and impossible to misplace!

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