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    The Secret To Knitting Square Dishcloths

    Someone recently asked me a question that took several days and a few experiments to answer. How do you knit SQUARE dishcloths? Because if you use the standard dishcloth pattern, the second half wants to kind of lean out to the left.


    It’s a vexing problem, and only the sort of thing that a really neurotic knitter would notice. (I had noticed it.)


    Turns out the answer lies in the decrease. Instead of doing K2tog, try doing SSK or any other left-leaning decrease. Presto, square(er) dishcloths!

    8 comments to The Secret To Knitting Square Dishcloths

    • Mich

      If you do the one with yarnovers, thereby needing to do 2 decreases, you ssk, yo, k2tog (it might the reverse, I’d have to get to that point on mine to be certain)

      Admittedly, I only care if I intend to give them as gifts, otherwise, it’s a dishcloth, it scrubs, don’t care if it’s square

    • Erika

      Tis a small complaint, to be sure! Hell, I knit dozens of the things before I was moved to try and fix it.

    • You mean you just don’t Photoshop it like the rest of us?!

    • Mich

      Yeah, I tried it out after I was knitting a dishcloth after having finished a lace project. It just inspired me

    • I never had any desire to knit a dishcloth until YOU came along. Now I’m wondering where my little stash of cotton yarn is…

    • Very interesting. I may be moved to try that next time I knit that sort of dishcloth. The current one on the needles is just back and forth garter. Truly mindless knitting. Is today July 1 or June 31 in the sock knitting world?

    • Apparently I am NOT a neurotic knitter. (Never noticed,) Good to know.

    • I just tried it. Simple, effective and brilliant. My world makes sense. Hurrah. :)

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