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    Sims Sunday: Postponed

    Man I am just not feeling right, and it’s been a long day, and frankly I’d rather go snuggle up on the couch under a blanket with the cats than sit here for another hour to write up Sims Sunday. You understand, right?

    First thing Monday morning, I swear!

    5 comments to Sims Sunday: Postponed

    • Mich

      I sort of understand. I mean I understand the long day and wanting to curl on the couch, but under a blanket? and with other heat sources (cats)?

      Now that I can’t understand, likely due to the 104 heat indexes and 80+% humidity

    • Hey, you feel better! the blog should be fun for you, rather than work. You do enough of that :)
      The Alphabet Soap Opera can wait

    • picadrienne

      Of course we understand. Rest well.

    • Northmoon

      I totally understand. Sometimes you just need a day of rest with the cats.

      Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

    • Cristina

      Erika – feel better and post again when you feel like it. The Alphabettis and the Splines can wait!

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