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    Sims Sunday: 11:15PM?

    It can’t be 11:15PM. Because if that were true, it would mean I had spent five and a half hours trying to fix my game, instead of playing it. And I know THAT can’t be… oh, I see.

    I was having that problem with the frequent pauses again. I managed to mostly fix it. I mean, it’s more fixed than it was before, certainly. Next I hope to actually play it for a little while!

    Oh well. You’re all out enjoying your Memorial Day weekends, anyway, I’m sure!

    10 comments to Sims Sunday: 11:15PM?

    • Pandora

      Don’t be so sure. :(

      I waited all day for this blog! I hope it gets fixed….

    • I’m sorry, too, ’cause I sure as hell would rather have played all night than screwed around trying to fix this junk!

    • @üß®εε

      I hate all these glitches… but you know what I hate even more? The error code messages while saving!! When trying to fix it, I deleted my game I had had for like 11 generations!!

    • Let’s just open the floor to a massive EA bitch-fest. How many gamers have to spend an entire Sunday night trying to fix their damn games?

      I ended up using a combination of Awesomemod (to tow some abandoned cars and fix some other problems) and testingcheatsenabled to delete a super-stuck abandoned car. Now my game ONLY pauses every few in-game hours. I can live with that.

      It’s the kind of thing that makes me think I should play, like, WOW or some shit.

    • Pandora

      I have never had an issue with my copy of TS3. I’m going to get the new expansion tomorrow, also. I don’t know why a lot of other people have so many issues with their copies. :(

      No one set anything on fire.

    • Nothing like trying to fix a glitch to make you nuts. (Ask me about the time I tried to network two computers, when one was too snotty to even admit the other one existed… (“No, look! It’s *right there!* See? RIGHT THERE!”)

    • Franz

      I like the idea of a computer being snotty. I usually think of them as being stupid.

    • @üß®εε

      I am so glad I am not alone… I used to think I was the only one that gave and assumed personalities for my stuff!!! haha

    • jenn

      Boo glitchy sims! I had the bug where it doesn’t recognize breakups, such that formerly married or engaged or “gone steady” sims could no longer propose more than woohoo to other sims. Had to wipe the whole thing off, then reinstalled it to no effect, having forgotten to get rid of the cache files as well. Once those were gone it was running fine…but because the suggested fix (create a new save file) hadn’t worked, I ended up bidding farewell to the families I’d slaved over thus far.

      And if you _were_ to plunge your social and professional life into the toilet (even the knitting, really, since they added more flight paths that eliminate the 10-minute ride down the length of the Eastern Kingdoms) and play WoW, pick Azjol’Nerub server. I have a souped-up 80 draenei priest with a lot of gold and no need for it, what with goblins coming along soon. Besides, one can only play a tentacled blue goat for so long before it gets old.

    • Erin

      Aww, dang! I love this blog! I hope you get everything all fixed up soon, ’cause I am addicted.

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