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    Week-End Wrap Up

    I was lame and didn’t have a chance to take puppy pictures yesterday. Just wanted to say that up front!

    1. I’ve been working on the Mini Rambling Rows afghan. (It’s Mini because I’m stopping at square 23, at which point it will be “only” 3×5 feet.) Only three more squares to go!

    rambling rows

    It’s so big that I couldn’t figure out where I could lay it out and get a picture of the whole thing. Also, I was in a pissy mood that day.

    2. Soapnuts!


    I won a contest over at the Fake Plastic Fish blog, and my soapnuts from LaundryTree arrived this week.

    Soapnuts are a berry, the outer hull of which contains saponin – the key ingredient in soap. You take a few soapnuts, put them in the cloth drawstring bag (included), and drop it into the laundry in place of detergent. Although the soapnuts smell a little funky, the smell won’t transfer to your laundry.

    I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but today may be the day! I just spilled oatmeal on my last clean pair of sweats.

    3. Every spring night after sunset, doppler radar shows huge clouds forming over Seattle (and everywhere else in the northern hemisphere) even on a clear night.

    Cliff Mass, meteorologist extraordinaire, explains the mystery in yesterday’s blog post.

    7 comments to Week-End Wrap Up

    • Mo

      Isn’t that cool? :) Your afghan looks great too!

    • We call them reetha nuts, and used them for hairwashing. Sunday morning ritual = get ready to have your hair washed by your mom, protesting all the while, trying to keep your eyes screwed shut, because if the juice of those got in your eyes…hoo boy. The nuts are supposed to be great for hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall.
      Kunkudu kaya in Telugu. And a nice sidenote, my dad compares the taste of beer to the taste of the juice of soap nuts. I can’t say I disagree, because although it is now about 2 decades since I went through that ritual (we use shampoo nowadays), the taste still remains! I think the leftovers are used to shine brass vessels.

    • minnie

      i want to try the soapnuts, but hubbie is leery. he’s allergic to most soaps (although he can shower with irish spring, and i use tide for laundry, and dawn for dishes (the theory is he’s worked up a tolerance for those)). i’m thinking imay get a sampler anyway, and see how it goes. the prices they have are comparable to tide on sale, so i’d be all for being more eco-friendly

      and if it’s good for hair,that’s just a doublebonus!

    • RRows is looking so good! Your garter stitch looks ever so much better than mine — what size needles are you using? Is that worsted weight yarn?

    • Josie

      I love your blog, it always brightens my day! New puppies yeah and the baby dinosaurs are looking good.

    • Whoa those soapnuts look funky, wonder where I could find those here.

      Nice afghan 😉

    • I had to stop reading your blog backwards for a sec to tell you I love it! I found you and your chicken shawl via The Amber Show ( And when I saw the Rambling Rows Afghan looking so crumpled and cuddly, I couldn’t resist. I want it. And soapnuts. :-)

      Great blog! I’m RSSing you — and stalking you on Ravelry!

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