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Best Bread So Far!

Yesterday I baked my best loaf of sourdough bread so far. I used King Arthur Flour’s recipe for Extra Tangy Sourdough Bread, which I started on Wednesday evening.


I kneaded it using Sourdough Home’s Stretch and Fold technique.(Thanks to commenter Teresa C for tipping me off to that one!) I also oiled the bowl I used for rising the dough.

As a week-end wrap-up, thank you to everyone for your SLS-free suggestions! I also wanted to clarify something. There’s a lot of “woo-woo” and scare tactics on the topic. I gather that SLS is the fluoridated water of the 21st century.

I don’t know if SLS and other sulfates will give you cancer, or make your hair fall out, or cause kidney damage. All I know is, I’ve been acne-free all week for the first time in, oh, about 25 years!

And last night when I washed the dishes, I was startled to realize that my hands weren’t burning afterward. I thought that was normal! You know, with the chapping and the redness and the stinging. Doesn’t everyone get that after washing a sink of dishes? No? Well why didn’t ya say so?

I’m going to ease into the “washing knitting in warm water” thing today with a linen/silk yarn. We’ll see if I can avoid fiddling with it while it’s soaking!

9 comments to Best Bread So Far!

  • Franz

    How’d you get it to rise so much?

  • Erika

    Mostly with that key additive, “patience.” I mixed it up at 6PM and left it out overnight (my place gets into the low 50s overnight).

    Back up to room temp (72) by noon the next day. I gave it a folding and put it in the greased bowl.

    At 4PM I folded it again and put it in the bread pan (the entire batch, in one 9×5 loaf pan).

    At 1030PM I decided to bake it. It finally had that powdery outer appearance, and did NOT bounce back when I poked it. It rose several more inches in the oven.

  • Jennifer

    That looks delicious! Congrats on the lovely loaf and the lack of hand-stinging.

  • You were able to revive Makoto? LOL

    Do you have a nearby Trader Joe’s? They carry a peppermint pure castille soap similar to Dr. B’s.

  • Just checked your tweets: Winco has both borax and washing soda.

  • Oh. My. Gosh! That bread looks awesome!

  • Beautiful bread!
    I love the KAF website. All the recipes I’ve tried have turned out wonderfully. I’ve got that sourdough printed out, but haven’t made it yet – first I have to get a started going…

  • Ooops – make that “a startER” – need more coffee…

  • AWESOME bread!

    I found out the hard way I’m sensitive to certain dishsoaps and wines…it got me out of dishwashing back when I was married to a fellow who insisted on using his soap. At least he agreed that to have blistery pustules on your fingers after washing dishes was not normal.

    I break out in a hot rashy/hivey mess ON MY FACE (needing Benadryl and everything) if a wine is a “value” brand…or made cheaply with a big price tag (I am soooo fun at parties, lemme tell ya’.) It’s almost like I was meant for super expensive things, or something :).