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    Chicken Smugness, Puppy Squirminess, and Slow Knitting

    I made a little perch for the chicken tractor, and the chickens like it quite a lot.

    Chicken owners, a question: do chickens always look so terribly pleased with themselves?

    Here’s a group puppy shot, taken on their first day.


    It’s not easy to wrangle puppies. Oh no, he’s getting away!


    I’m still plinking away on the Celtic Cabled Scarf.

    celtic cabled scarf

    I did some math yesterday: the scarf is 15 inches long, and I started it 55 days ago. This works out to .27 inches per day. Proceeding at this rate, it will take an additional 211 days to knit a full six feet.

    11 comments to Chicken Smugness, Puppy Squirminess, and Slow Knitting

    • Mo

      Except for when they are angry, hungry or scared, chickens are pretty happy with themselves most of the time, yes! :)

    • Love the scarf, and yep, they’re usually pretty pleased with themselves. I’ve never seen ours angry…

    • Just in time for next year’s cold season.

    • Perhaps a Firefly marathon — or a Battlestar Galactica marathon or an X-Files marathon — is needed to get that scarf rolling?

    • meg mcg

      will you be overnighting with the puppies again?? thats scarfy-time!

    • Erika

      Hmm, interesting idea! I have to concentrate so hard on following the pattern that I can’t watch anything that requires my attention. But I do happen to have several seasons of X-Files DVDs on loan from a friend…

    • Debi

      what else is there to do with 211 days? I told my 23 yr old geeky son about binary armwarmers and wordpress wonky, he laughed at me, then said he would find this blog. He cant get his mind around binary armwarmers, so he want to see them.

    • I agree with kmkat, nothing like a TV show to get things rolling.

    • Yes, chickens are always pleased with themselves. You would think ours built their coop with their bare hands, er, wings…
      Happy knitting. TV marathon looks like the way to go!

    • Oh, keep on keeping on with the scarf. Also, hope you enjoy Storm Front. Jim Butcher is one of my favorite authors.

    • Jennifer

      Maybe 5ft would do it for the scarf.

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