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    We Should Be Okay Out Here

    Mr. Paws-in-the-Shot and his brother are indoor-only cats, so we should be able to talk on the deck outside.

    I feel a bit guilty posting this picture, with its crazed profusion of shades of green. Have you SEEN what’s happened in the Northeast?! Even Goldie is confused. And she’s just a sheep!


    Some notes on this project:

    1. I used the incredibly clever Improved Long-Tail Cast On mentioned in the most recent episode of the Stash and Burn podcast:

    Take the inside and outside yarn ends, and tie them together. Make a slipknot. Then just start doing a long-tail cast on. Once you’re done, just cut the strand from the outside of the skein and carry on.

    Presto, you can cast on as many stitches as you like, and never run out of yarn or have too much tail left!

    2. The Darkside Cowl is a great pattern, and well worth the effort. It creates a fabric that’s scrunchy and thick, and has a neat zig-zag pattern (when you choose the right yarn). It’s also fully reversible, which is a real bonus!

    It’s knit from the bottom up, in the round. This makes it a great single-skein project as well. You can just keep working the pattern reps until you run out of yarn. Four pattern reps was just about 5 grams shy of one skein of Berroco Lustra.

    3. Speaking of Berroco Lustra, I love the color, but I didn’t much care for the yarn itself. I’ve gone on record as not being a big fan of loosely-spun single-ply yarns. And the sheen completely negated the stitch definition that makes this pattern look spiffy. Oh well. Meh.

    5 comments to We Should Be Okay Out Here

    • Dorothy

      I saw it in person and it is beautiful and it feels wonderful. Hard to keep my paws off it! It reminded me a lot of Noro Cash Iroha, although the fiber content is different.

    • That is one stylish and cozily warm miniature tree. Beautiful cowl, but does it ever get cold enough to wear it there? I’m sure it gets cold enough in Wisconsin…

    • *sniff* You have green…

      I’ve become a big fan of cowls. Warm and cozy and they don’t get caught in car doors.

    • I thought you had left your “dressing trees up in knitted things” years behind you. But, no.

    • luuuurve the colour!
      and thanks for that cast-on tip … now I just need to actually remember it the next time I do a LT cast-on :]

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