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    Cotton Surf Socks

    I love to take a picture of toe-up socks right after finishing the heel. They fold in half for their picture so very tidily!

    Regia cotton surf socks

    I call this the “Baudelaire heel,” because the instructions are in Cookie A’s Baudelaire socks. I work the heel almost exactly as written, without adjusting the number of stitches for my gauge.

    (The first time I used this heel, I spent ages running through all the various calculations. In the end I only adjusted it by 2 stitches. Totally not worth the effort of having done the math.)

    I say “almost as written” because I don’t do the thing with picking up the wraps that’s specified in the pattern. I don’t actually understand what those instructions mean. Every time I read them, I cock my head to the side like a puzzled dog. Arrr?

    Instead, I just pick up the wrap and knit it together with the stitch it was on. Seems to work fine.

    4 comments to Cotton Surf Socks

    • ” Every time I read them, I cock my head to the side like a puzzled dog. Arrr?” This made me laugh out loud. It’s one of those funny-because-it’s-true things :)

    • jenny

      I guess I have not read the Baudelaire pattern carefully in a long time, because I use that heel too and do the same thing with my wraps, but never noticed whether or not I was doing it like the pattern said! My dirty secret about those wraps is that sometimes, if I feel lazy, I don’t even pick them up. I just knit or purl right across, and can’t even tell the difference. My heels haven’t burst open yet!

    • Didn’t you mean, “Barrooo?” (imagine sideways-cocked head here)

    • I usually don’t bother picking up the wraps, either. If they show at all, I just deem them decorative.

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