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    Puppy Video and Dishcloths (and OMG FLU WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE)

    Some puppy video from the first night, featuring Giant Mama Dog Nose.

    I can tell you how long the labor lasted: two and a half dishcloths.


    This is a super-easy pattern. CO 2 stitches and knit in garter stitch. KFB the first stitch of every row for 40 rows (20 garter stitch ridges). Then K2TOG the first two stitches of every row until only 2 stitches are left. Cast off and admire!


    I feel sorry for people who wash their dishes with sponges and scrubby brushes. Garter stitch dishcloths made from cheap cotton dishcloth yarn are so much better. They hold the soap, and the garter stitch gives them that great scrubbiness, and they’re machine washable.


    It’s probably getting time to retire some of my older dishcloths. They get pretty grotty after a few years.

    ETA I just finished my first swing through the local and national newspaper sites in almost a week. To my surprise, I have discovered that the entire rest of the world is gripped in flu hysteria.

    Before everyone starts stockpiling canned goods while humming “Baby Can You Dig Your Man,” let’s remember that according to the CDC approximately 80,000 people die every year worldwide from flu and flu-followed-by-pneumonia.

    150 people dead in Mexico City, which has a population of 8 million people, is just not that significant. I would be willing to bet that at least 150 people die of the flu in Mexico City anyway. I don’t care what the WHO says, and I sure as hell don’t care that the Seattle Times is hitting the big red panic button.

    Flu is bad, and you should all get flu shots every year. But 28 kids in NYC who caught the flu while on vacation in Cancun, and who have since recovered, does not necessarily signify the End of Days. Whether or not they’re having odd dreams about a little old black lady shucking peas in Nebraska.

    16 comments to Puppy Video and Dishcloths (and OMG FLU WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE)

    • Aw, puppiez. Soo kewtt.

    • Yeah, the radio this morning had an interview with a 13 year old flu “victim.”

      His description of his symptoms made it sound no worse – and in fact, less miserable, because NO STOMACH CRAMPS – than the last intestinal virus I had.

    • The puppies are adorable. I almost spit Coke all over my keyboard at The Stand references. I thought I was the only one who, when news of another epic virus hits the world, who starts thinking about Colorado vs Vegas. Hee!

    • Yay, puppies!

      Aaaaiiieeee, swine flu!

    • minnie

      i’m surprised i’m the first one to mention captain trips, randall flagg, and henderson home!

      darling pups!

      i love my handmade dishcloths, but i’m the only one.go figger

    • I, also, can’t STAND the hysteria. See what I did there? Ha. Ha.

      Okay, I’m lame, I admit it. But I can’t remember anything else about the book or the tv series. Except for Gary Sinise. And I don’t think I could ever not remember Gary Sinise.

    • Don’t miss Jon Stewart’s summation of the hysteria: Snoutbreak ’09 The Last 100 Days (the first part of the 4/27 show).

    • It’s NOT the End of Days? Oh.

      (Which is my way of saying this hooplah is insane.)

    • Katharine

      Hey, I am going to Mexico on vacation on the 5th of May. Yes, everyone I know is “OMG how can you go, aren’t you afraid!” Hmm let me think, No.
      I have had to turn my tv off except for the Daily Show, which last night was brilliant :)
      I have tried to convert my dishwasher to homemade dish clothes but he will have none of it, and I am not interested in washing dishes so I have had to concede the point.
      Awww puppies… can you ever really have enough video.

    • Katharine

      BTW the population of Mexico DF is closer to 22 million.

    • Yep, was gonna say, 8mil is only metro DF, but 20+mil call it home…and that’s only those who are counted…thousands live on the outskirts…

      Makes that 150 sound wee little after that.

    • I’m with you all the way on the flu thing. And I don’t get flu shots either. I’m throwing caution to the wind and living dangerously!

    • Fiona

      With all the “scares” in the past 10 years or so (SARS, Avian, etc.), does anyone else get the feeling that the CDC/WHO almost WANTS a pandemic just they can stand up and say, “told you so!” ???

      Protect yourself but don’t buy into the hysteria is my advice.

      Great. Now I have the Def Leppard song playing in my head.

    • Puuuupppiieeeeeeeeeeess!

    • Awwwwwww….. puppies!!
      I’ve got a bunch of cotton left over from knitting a sweater many moons ago – I’ll have to make me a dishcloth, just to test it out. 8)
      I’m not letting the flu scare me, either. The newsfolk always need something to blow out of proportion – this year it’s swine flu. (Anyone remember the last swine flu scare? That was going to be the end of civilization, too…)

    • SNOUTBREAK?! I love it.

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