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    Weekend Fun

    On Friday I was planning to check out this one beach, but it turned out the road didn’t do what Google Maps said it did, so I wandered around and eventually found another. Which turned out to be pretty nice all on its own.

    north Whidbey beach

    Click for the full-size 180-degree view. (You may have to click a second time to see it REALLY full-size.)

    Then on Sunday, Dorothy stopped by on her way to the ferry. After brunch, we stopped in at Schuh Farms which has been advertising “TRIPLET LAMBS” on a hand-painted sign for the past few weeks. I had been itching to see them for ages, but every time I drove past I either had somewhere to be, or the farm was closed for the night.

    First thing’s first: checking out the chickens.

    chicken feed

    If you don’t think I dropped a quarter into the dispenser to get a handful of chicken scratch to toss to the chickens (even though I have chickens of my own, and I happen to know that 25 cents for about a quarter cup of chicken scratch is at least a 25,000% markup) then you just don’t know me.

    The triplet lambs were, as advertised, three. They lounged at the far side of the pen, below a somewhat puzzling hand-painted plywood cut-out poster thingie.

    chicken feed

    Their mama looked a little exasperated by it all.

    chicken feed

    Someone (Mr. Schuh?) stopped by to take her away to a nearby field where she could graze. This gave me the opportunity to pepper him with overly-excited questions. What kind of sheep? Suffolk. Did they keep sheep at the farms, maybe for meat or wool? No, it’s a 4H sheep that the kids brought to show off. Are triplets rare? Very. Could I feed her some chicken scratch? Err, well… she’s off for grazing, so….

    And with that he beat a hasty retreat. So did his dog, actually, who I threatened to feed a handful of chicken scratch, too.

    Sheeps are adorable. I bet you always thought lambs go “sproing” but “Where’s Bee?” proves that they go “clomp clomp clomp.”

    And did you know that Shetland sheep are really small? In fact, you can totally fit two of them in the back of a Subaru Forrester.

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