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    Noro Hate

    I read Penelope Trunk’s Reality Check for Bloggers post this morning over my oatmeal.* I started pondering her point about controversial opinions. I wondered if I had any controversial knitting opinions.

    Then I suddenly remembered how much I hate Noro yarn. Hate, hate hate.

    I hate Silk Garden because I’m allergic to mohair. And the mohair fibers are so tiny and sucky that when you knit with it, the fibers come flying out, and within ten minutes my eyes start to swell up.

    I hate Kureyon because it contains 95% wool, 5% sticks, bits of string, recycled fiberglass insulation, and “crap we swept up from the floor of the warehouse.”

    I hate Noro

    I hate their sock yarn because even though I hate everything else Noro makes, I still somehow got suckered into paying $19.95 for a crappy skein of yarn. Noro sock yarn, let me count the ways in which I hate you:

    1. Horribly over-spun. I was constantly having to un-kink the knots that the yarn tied itself into.

    2. Fiber content (70% wool, 30% nylon) inaccurate. Actual fiber content: 70% wool recycled from military blankets, 30% twine and fiberglass insulation.

    3. Too tiny. Although I have knit socks at 8 st/inch in the past, I just don’t have that kind of time these days.


    Even after washing, my Noro/Knit Picks Essential combo socks (knit with one strand of each held together) are stiff and scratchy. I regret ever having purchased this yarn. I doubly regret actually knitting it, instead of donating or swapping it.


    * I agree with every point she makes, by the way. I make a living (such as it is) as a professional blogger… but not here.

    31 comments to Noro Hate

    • I always read about how great Noro is, and every time I pick it up in the store I think, “Wow, that’s scratchy,” and put it back, thinking I must be the only person in the entire universe immune to the siren song of Noro. I am not alone! Thank you!

      I love your blog, by the way. Found my way over from a link on Mason Dixon, and now I am addicted to Sims Sunday. And I don’t even play it. Great writing!

    • Misha Day

      Amen, sister.
      I do like the colorways and the long striping patterns… but really. The imitators (Poems, fer intstance) I’m seeing here and there are SO much easier on the hands. I’ll see it in the magazine or the store, go ‘oh shiny’, then actually lay my hands on it and check the pricetag… and put it right down again. No thanks.
      (Then I’ll go find the alpaca corner and pet the skeins until my hands start to forgive me.)

    • I can tolerate, even enjoy, Noro Silk Garden, but the rest of their yarn can go suck an egg as far as I am concerned.

      Wait. You are a professional blogger somewhere? Will you tell us so we can come over and harass you there?

    • LisaK

      I wish I could disagree with you. Very expensive and often has knots just when the color was doing what you wanted it to.

    • Katharine

      I am so glad I am not alone in my Noro hate. As with kmkat I can tolerate their Noro Silk Garden but I can get hand spun I like way better from people I actually like. Is it just me or do all their colourways look like they have been rinsed in a vat of dirty brush water. Oh yeah, and it’s totally scratchy! Ewww. Ok venting is over.

    • I like the colors, but SO HARSH, that yarn. I made a pair of socks and my fingers were sore – ridiculous!

    • I love the colorways but the sockyarn made me literally cry. So overspun. So easily broken.

      And it seems like ALL the brands of the cool, long-repeat, funky-color sockyarn are the same (like Mini Mochi).

      I like regular Noro Kureyon OK, though. Though I admit I like the behavior of something like Cascade 220 better.

    • Heidi

      I, like you, hate Noro. Sometimes I forget and try again but it’s always the same. I am not so happy with the colors. They look good in the ball but when they come out, blec. I also HATE the number of knots. I had a ball that had four knots in it.
      Good thing there’s other stuff to knit with.

    • I was also not impressed with Noro. I wanted to buy some on my last trip to Japan because I thought it would make a nice (and appropriate) souvenir. I tromped all around Tokyo to find it and when I did I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much for that scratchy yarn. Oh well.

    • Controversial? Apparently not, since everyone seems to be agreeing with you! Including me. I admit to liking the colors, but haven’t found any of their yarns at all appealing. I made a Booga bag a few years ago and was delighted when I was finally done and didn’t have to knit with that yarn anymore! Except for the dyeing, I really do not understand the Noro love that so many people feel. Glad to hear I’m not alone!

    • There’s a new Noro that’s pretty scrumptious… Taiyo.
      But feel free to hate it, I’m not offended. I love the colors of Noro, but it definitely has drawbacks. And the sock yarn is NOT my friend.

    • Christy

      I like Noro, although I agree with all of your criticisms, so I have to give you a Funny (1).

    • MaryLou

      What PlazaJen said about Noro Taiyu – it’s softer/less scratchy than Kureyon, for instance. And I do like the Noro colors. So can’t say I’m a hater, but agree with most of the points made about bits of trees and leaves in the wool.

    • T.

      LOL! Now, don’t you beat around the bush – tell us how you REALLY feel!

      I’ve always thought that bandwagons weren’t nearly as cool as everyone wants to think they are.

    • I’m another one who has set the yarn back down because it’s a) scratchy and b) pricey. Love the colors, but can’t see the sense of spending the price of my mortgage payment for yarn that feels like twine.
      And what’s all this about another blog?

    • Okay I’m so glad I found your blog on the free pattern website. Gonna stalk you from now on.

    • Did you weigh the skein? My 100g skein only weighed 92g. Grrrr. I was not impressed. The skein also had a knot which caused an abrupt colour change. Argh. On the plus side, the socks really softened up after washing and the yarn bloomed.

    • I love people who say fucking with gusto and great abandon!

    • wow – I somehow thought there was something wrong with me when I went to a fancy yarn shop, (with yarn snobs who hardly spoke to me)picked up the different Noro’s and put them all back. Scratchy!! And the sock yarn was very scratchy! I’ll sleep better tonight knowing I’m not crazy. (well, i am crazy, but not on this point….) 😉

    • kellys

      Oh goodie, a fanclub of haters-of-teh-Noro. Yucky stuff. And you know what? I DON’T like the colorways. There, nyah.

    • Hate hate hate hate Noro. Always have, always will. I seem to be the one who gets the skeins with 3 knots in them, all as the color I really wanted is coming around in the pattern. Hate!!

    • I’m making socks out of noro right now, and it can be very frustrating. I wish the colors weren’t so beautiful.

      I find that the yarn seems much more suited to lace than socks. Still a pain to knit with, but it will make a beautiful Charlotte’s Web Shawl.

      PS–I almost tried to magic link that pattern, a la Ravelry. Nerd!

    • Emily

      Where are all these commenters in my real life? Everyone I know just loves the Noro, and I get smacked down when I venture to mention my hate. Noro just… Harsh and scratchy materials, crappily spun. I don’t even really like the colors that most people go gaa-gaa for (they tend to look like someone melted down a box of crayons into mostly brown soup). I had a few skeins that I thought I would rescue by making a felted bag – since a scratchy bag isn’t so bad – but the stuff wouldn’t even FELT properly. I swear the only reason Noro sells is due to mass hysteria.

    • Having owned several skeins of Noro Kureyon through out my life and currently have stashed away for a Clapotis a bag of Silk Garden, I have to agree with the criticisms about this yarn! I’m conlicted. It’s a love/hate thing for me.

      So what compells me to buy it?

      The colors, which really doesn’t amount to anything glorious once the yarn is knit, compared to so may other yarns.

      Definitely NOT the texture.

      I do know that thae long button wrap I knit last year was a frequently warm comfort to me during the cold winter months.

      I did like the Booga Bag knit in Noro, way, way back!

      And the sock yarn…..I can’t tell you how may times I’ve been lured by it’s siren song at MS&W, Stiches And Rhinebeck, but so far, NO DEAL!

    • […] you all know, I hate Noro. Another reason to hate it is that Kimble loves it very much. In chicken terms, he “goes […]

    • Olive

      First big knitting project… chose Noro Taiyo. First ball of yarn is ok, but part way into the next the yarn starts to not hold the tension and then it pulls apart. I look at it and pull more apart and more and more! Will my project hold together as I wear it or will it just start falling apart?
      ok, simple. I will try to return the yarn and use something else – an avoid ever using Noro again.

    • slateblue

      I hate Noro too. Overpriced Brillo pad. Scratchy twine, with ugly rainbow colors. Who the hell wants to wear a freakin red-pink-yellow-blue outfit???? what am I? a 4 year old? I just don’t get all this Noro craze. I mean, I know people love color but this is just fugly. They can keep it.

    • Rhonna

      I so wish I would of found this blog before I bought a $23 skein of Noro Taiyo. I’ve read so many blogs with people swooning over this yarn that I gave in & bought it. What I wasn’t expecting was hard little shell like pieces through out. Call me crazy but I don’t think yarn should draw blood!

    • Erika

      Ouch! I know what you mean, though – I was dumb enough to buy skein after skein of Noro stuff before I realized that it wasn’t me, it was the yarn!

    • How lovely and refreshing to find like minded people! I HATE noro! It’s so scratchy, and quite frankly, I hate the colourways. If I want stripes, I’ll knit stripes, thank you very much. I don’t even use self-striping sock yarn!
      It’s the bandwagon thing. I even hate clapotis (love Kate Gilbert’s other patterns, but clapotis is butt-ugly) and tried to start up a ‘we hate clapotis’ group on ravelry, but no takers.
      Just because we’re knitters doesn’t mean we need to be sheep! LOL

    • Jill

      Thank goodness I’m not alone and/or crazy. After attempting to knit with Noro Taiyo, tried to warp my rigid heddle loom with it because of the lovely colors (and the money spent). The yarn broke, so am using it on a shuttles to weave. So much fun to unwind the kinks every few rows. NOT. Too scratchy for a scarf. Guess I’ll use the fabric for a purse or something. My husband keeps asking why I don’t throw it away if it makes me swear. Good question!

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