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    The Next Month’s Theme

    I’m just planning ahead for April, you understand. I mean, it’s March 32nd already – April’s just around the corner!

    I decided to call April “UFO Month.” I have three fairly substantial Un-Finished Objects that I’d like to see make some progress.


    Look – there’s one now! That’s my Hundertwasser socks, in the clever knitting pouch a friend gave me.

    I’m not sure if those count as a UFO or not. It’s true they are unfinished, but I still think of them as being actively in play. I set them aside for Charity Knitting Month, but once Charity Knitting Month is over (March 34th or 35th or so) they will go back to being my Sims-playing knitting.


    There’s another one! Oh Celtic Cabled Scarf; so beautiful, and yet so hard on the fingers to knit. (And so mysteriously covered with cat hair.)


    And who could forget Liz Lemon’s Scarf? I tried to forget it, but I could not.

    Look at how sadly the various items of the project have taken on the shape of the box they live in. If I flipped the box over and lifted it up, I’m pretty sure the scarf and all the little balls of yarn would be left on the countertop in a single piece, like a trapezoidal Jello mold. Yarn aspic, if you will.

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    • Katharine

      I can definitely get behind UFO month…bottom of the closet UFO bag I am looking at you.

    • That’s so funny because I was thinking the same thing! I have a pair of socks, a sweater and a lace scarf I’ve been avoiding for a while and have decided to finish them before I cast on one more project. Great minds do indeed think alike!

    • Oddly enough, I declared the same goal this morning. I picked up my very first lace (MS3, from summer three-ish years ago.) Once that’s done, I’m scrolling to the bottom of my Ravelry notebook and finding out what else I stuck the “ZZZs” on.

    • Good for you tackling those UFOs! I’ve found that if I let them go for too long I start to really detest them; so close to being finished and yet, no motivation (or love) to do so.

    • I just don’t suggest that you add the mysterious canned fruit mix that would normally go into such a mold.


    • You’d better cast on a couple of things first – you wouldn’t want to run out of UFO’s…

    • Northmoon

      As far as I’m concerned socks do not count as UFO’s. I usually have two or three different pairs on the go for streetcar knitting. Except the cats have stolen half of one of my two little sock needle holders and hidden it somewhere.

      So anyway, only two UFO’s is not too bad at all.

      right now I’m trying to be faithful to a Sprossling cardigan. It’s going well, although I may have to rip out the back and reknit as I’m not happy with my decreases. or I may decide what the heck it’s on the back for crying out loud leave it and start some of the other ten things I want to knit.

      “yarn aspic” love it!

    • “Yarn aspic?!” LUV!

    • […] I realized that it has a cable almost identical to that of the Celtic Cabled Scarf that I abandoned last April. After some soul searching, and a spot of Twittering, I shamed myself into reviving the scarf from […]

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