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    Free Pattern: Chicken Shawl

    Your wish is ever my command, my darlings. Without further ado, I give you the Chicken Shawl. This triangular shawl is worked in garter stitch with DK yarn on size 7 needles. The front two corners are tacked together, because chickens can’t use shawl pins.

    chicken shawl

    FYI for those who may care to make one for their own baby chickens: chickens do not seem to be very fond of knitwear. When I put the Chicken Shawl on Martha, she laid down and would not get back up again until it had been removed. Although this was a fine display of non-violent resistance, it made photography difficult.

    chicken shawl


    1. Cast on 1 stitch. KFB.

    2. (And every wrong-side row) Knit across.

    3. (And every right-side row) KFB, knit across to last stitch, KFB.

    Continue for about 4 inches, or to size. Cast off, and use cast-off tail to tack the front corners together. Apply to your chicken and admire.

    ETA I have added the pattern to Ravelry.

    chicken shawl

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