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    Digital Cameras Hate Red

    I don’t know why it is so, even though I have tried hard to find out. This happens on television, too, if you ever notice red on a news show or soap opera, the red will be vague and bleeding over its edges.

    Sometimes it helps to photograph the red thing as a small element in a frame with a lot of other color, then crop the final image. And sometimes not.

    red scarf project

    (Do you like my yard? This time of year it is mostly mud.)

    I’m making a fair amount of progress on the scarf, given that I knit four feet of it and then ripped it all back and started again. I just passed the three foot mark, and have been knitting it for six days, so I am averaging half a foot a day.

    I really wanted to finish this scarf by the last day of the month, thus wrapping up Charity Knitting Month with a tidy little bow. Given my progress rate, that should not be a problem.

    Barring any further setbacks it will take four more days, and I will be able to complete it on March 34th. So things are looking good!

    5 comments to Digital Cameras Hate Red

    • I see what you mean about the red running but the beauty of the scarf is still obvious.

    • jenn (wobblewrists)

      I noticed the exact same thing last summer! I was knitting a hat for a friend and the sun from my window lit it up and I thought, sure, I’ll use this for the ravelry pic. No way. It bled into a pulpy mess on-camera. I tried taking it out of the bar of light but still–a muddle. I ended up using this horrendous flourescent-lit picture because it was the only one I could take and remember, later, that I did in fact put cables on that hat. What gives, cameras? What’s with the red?

    • Jen

      While I don’t claim to be a photography whiz or anything, I find it helps to avoid direct sunlight and also the flash. The detail shows up a bit better with “overcast weather” type conditions.

      p.s. first time commenting and i love the sims sundays, the charity knitting and chicken videos. Keep it up!

    • LOL! March 34th it is!

    • The 35th at the latest…
      I have to admit, I was looking at your grass more than the scarf. Oh, for green grass…

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