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    Citrus Lover

    Okay I admit it, I really like grapefruit now! I feel like I deserve one of the “I’ve Tried Something New” stickers Jamie Oliver hands out to kids in this week’s episode of his new show.


    I don’t know if I’m fending off scurvy or what, but I have been snarfing down the citrus fruits this week.

    If you take a segment of citrus fruit and peel off all the white stuff (pith and skin), that is the bitter stuff. What you’re left with is called a “supreme.” This by the way is the deal with canned mandarin orange slices – they have been “supremed.”

    It turns out that when you slice a grapefruit in half and eat it with a wee little spoon, you’re basically supreming the fruit from the inside out. I also discovered that my silverware set came with four wee little spoons, which are perfect for this purpose.

    But I must warn you against pomelos. Even supremed and dosed with sugar, they are still very very sour. They smell nice, but do not taste good AT ALL.

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    • two silver cats

      Do you like kumquats? They’re not for the faint of heart but I quite like them. (I dropped one on the floor at my friend’s house, and a kumquat fell on the floor– and one of her dogs mistook it for a new kind of yummy treat. Needless to say Maggie’s face was indescribably hilarious when she found out kumquats ain’t good eatin’ for dogs.)

    • WHAT!?! I LOVE Pomelos! I don’t know if you’re getting them unripened or just getting bad pomelos but I think they’re the the least tart/sour citrus out there. All the ones I’ve had have been delicious, sweet and very mild. I’m usually a total pomelo pusher so I’m deeply saddened to hear that you haven’t had a good experience with them! :/

    • That’s because you can’t get good pomelos here in the States, the way you can’t get good mangoes. Good pomelos aren’t sour at all; they’re super juicy and full of a sweet citrus-y flavor. I have always hated grapefruit for some reason* but, growing up in Singapore, I couldn’t get enough of pomelos.

      *Which is weird, since I can eat lemons straight and love Lemonhead candies, which can practically make your face implode with teh sour.

    • Megan

      Must disagree about the pomelos! They are my favorite citrus, when they are good, that is. Costco, a couple months ago had 4 packs of pomelos that were fab! Then I bought one at Fred Meyer a month later and it was terribly sour. Must be a timing thing.

    • jenn

      Sadly grapefruit conflicts with so many medications–anything from heart medication to birth control–that I am unable to partake. I am shocked to hear that a grapefruit hater has changed her mind though…when I tried it as a kid I loathed it! Maybe one day I shall try it again.

    • Are the pomelos the ones with the giant huge thick peel? I remember buying a huge citrus fruit once and being really disappointed because (a) it seemed that half of it was peel and pith and (b) it was really sour.

      I really love clementines and am always sad when the season ends. (They’re essentially mandarin oranges without the canning step…)

    • Knitopia

      I love sticking grapefruit halves under the broiler with a little brown sugar on top.

      And kumkuats (sliced) make great fresh salsa.

      True story: My iPod touch changed kumquats to junkyard.

    • Steven

      You can also boil grapefruit peel with sugar and make it into candy.

    • You might check your meds’ interactions lists for grapefruit! Assuming you take any…. LOL Have you been following Molly Royal a.k.a. the world’s most famous barn owl? She made the NYT today!

    • I’ve never had a pomelo but maybe now I’ll try one. Previously I was opposed to them because of the large nubbin on the end.

      I love kumquats!

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