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    Hello, New Scarf!

    I cast on 42 stitches this time (the previous scarf had 33). Naturally this one is turning out a little on the wide side. But after being machine washed and dried (Wool Ease’s great strength), it should be juuuuust right.

    red scarf

    Each row of checkers is 2″ high. Since I like things to be symmetrical, each unit will be 4×4 checkers, or 8″ high. (And square, obviously.)

    A six foot scarf is 72 inches long, which is nine units. (72″ of length / 8″ units = 9.)

    This unit is just stockinette + reverse stockinette. I’ve planned out the other nine units in a repeating pattern. If this is unit A, and the next one is unit B, then the pattern will go:

    A B C D E D C B A

    The next unit is stockinette + moss stitch (or is it double moss? I can never remember – little blocks of 2×2 stitches). Then stockinette + garter rib, and so forth.

    It’s a good way to break up the knitting. I find that something as long as a scarf requires some kind of knitting strategy, otherwise it’s just too demoralizing. This will end up being a little on the quirky side, but I think it should suit a college student (male or female) acceptably.

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