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    Today’s Fad: Flapping

    When I awoke this morning, I discovered that Harriet had sprouted wings, seemingly out of nowhere.


    They have all been practicing their flapping this morning, but Harriet’s definitely best at it. I tried to catch some flapping action shots, but my digital camera moves too slowly. I was only able to catch half a flap.


    I made a little jungle gym for them out of kindling and rolled-up newspaper, so that they can exercise their winglets. They like it a lot. (Funny that none of my chicken books mention adding toys to the brood box.)

    I had better post these pictures from Sunday, before they expire completely.

    Chicks dig visiting with distant relatives:


    Chicks dig knitting:


    (But you knew that already.)

    8 comments to Today’s Fad: Flapping

    • Sam

      My goodness they are growing fast! I can’t wait to read about their troubled teenage times in a few weeks.

    • How cute! I love the color of Harriet!

    • Harriet is such an overachiever! And so beautiful.

      I have such chick fever… but when I was in bed late last night, listening to the irritating neighborhood dogs bark bark barking, I wondered if the chickens would be scared of the dogs or if the chickens would make the dogs bark more. I don’t like either thought. The only option is to move!

    • Northmoon

      Chicken jungle gym – love it!

    • Jennifer

      Your chick posts are making it hard for me to sound like a thoughtful adult. (OMG peeps!)

      They grow up so fast! Harriet’s tailio feathers are fuzzing up well. Also, I think toys are an excellent idea. Pic?

    • a video would be nice(hint hint)

    • The first time my husband tried giving a toy to chicks, they all mashed themselves into a corner in hysteria “OMG! OMG! It’s a chicken-eating monster!! OMG!”
      Amusing creatures, but not smart…

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