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    Tail Feathers: All The Cool Chicks Are Growing Them

    The chicks are six days old now, and they have all sprouted hilariously ineffective tail feathers. Harriet was first with the butt fluff, but Dolly is giving her a run for her money, tail-feather-wise.


    Ethel* and Martha are last in line. They’re so ridiculously fluffy right now that I’ll be sad to see their big girl feathers grow in.


    Also popular: looking out the window.


    Many people have asked how the cats are doing. The cats find the chicks intellectually interesting, but they’re happy to just sit and watch.

    I’ve talked before about the cat thermometer, the phenomenon by which I can judge the cabin’s temperature by glancing at the cats. Here’s a demonstration of the cat thermometer in action, from an evening when the wood stove got a little out of hand.

    65 degrees:


    74 degrees:


    82 degrees:


    * I swapped that name in for Abigail, which was insufficiently “old lady.” I marked a dot on Ethel’s head with a Sharpie (it’s non-toxic), so that I can tell them apart.

    8 comments to Tail Feathers: All The Cool Chicks Are Growing Them

    • Debi

      Just wanted to let you know, be very careful with the cats. I have exotic birds and the shop I bought them in had cats. Cats can knick a bird with their nails and it will kill the bird within 24 hrs. I own a dog and have read and was told that cats are far more deadly to a bird even if the wound is not life threatening (septic shock?, is what I think gets them).

    • T.

      LOVE the cat thermometer action shots.

      And I’m jealous that you have the ability to use “butt fluff” into a conversation.

    • Your chicks look good, but your cat is melting…

      I love the little butt fluff stage!
      When the RIR (is that Harriet?) starts to feather out, you will see the most amazing colors. I want to dye a yarn colorway in Rhode Island Red wing colors!

    • two silver cats

      Gayle, you made me snerkle. “Your cat is melting.” Hee hee. Love it.

    • HA! Marking the twins with a sharpie!

      If only I coulda done that back when I was teaching 6 sets of twins (all 7th graders) one year! (We blamed it on the water.)

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