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    Sims Sunday: I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Myself

    (Note: Oh crap, I’m sorry, people! For some reason this got saved as a draft, instead of published yesterday!)

    Last week I mentioned that I was having some problem with gameplay glitches. Every 10 minutes by the game’s clock, the game would pause for a count of three.

    I usually play at double speed, which is 10x, meaning that 50 Sim hours pass in one real world hour. That’s 300 incidents of pausing in one real world hour of game play.

    I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, I found a new way to restore Sims 3 from backup. I’ll put the details at the end, for the other players.

    Long story short, my most recent backup was from February 3rd. When I restored Riverview from backup, guess what?

    sims sunday

    Klango was restored to life, as well! That dude has more lives than a cat.

    Pelikan was downstairs, awkwardly thrashing the martial arts training dummy.

    sims sunday

    I couldn’t handle going through the martial arts thing again. I set her to reading the cookbook. The Lifetime Wishes seem to be related to whatever your Sim does a lot before her birthday.

    And so life continued. There’s a weird thing where every time Pascal goes out to play with the sprinklers, he gets stuck in the mud and I have to use the “ResetSim” cheat to get him free.

    sims sunday

    “Does this all seem kinda familiar, sis?” “Yeah, a little…”

    sims sunday

    Soon it was their birthday. The game changed Palatino into what I think of as “Napoleon’s outfit.”

    sims sunday

    In The Sims 2, when a household member moved out, everyone else would rush to the door and say goodbye. In Sims 3, they just… leave. No one even looked up when Palatino left the house forever. Kinda sad.

    Now that she had moved to Young Adult, Pelikan had selected a Lifetime Wish: “Culinary Librarian,” to learn all of the recipes. This involved a lot of reading.

    sims sunday

    While Pelikan was reading her eyeballs raw, I changed Klango’s Lifetime Wish (which you can do if they have accumulated enough happiness points). Now his wish was to max out the painting skill (already done) and the writing skill.

    sims sunday

    One benefit to having your Sims write novels is that they earn a residual income. By the time Klango hit his Lifetime Wish and maxed out the Writing skill, he had written seven novels, which earn him a royalty check of §5,320 every Sunday at noon. Not too shabby!

    Of course, he still enjoys painting. Here’s one of the odder ones he produced this week.

    sims sunday

    Pascal started painting, too. After a few of the early ugly paintings, here’s the first decent one:

    sims sunday

    What are they putting in the Riverview water supply?

    Meanwhile, Pelikan read, and read, and read. She literally sat reading cookbooks all day long.

    sims sunday

    Earlier this week, Ryan asked how I can get so much knitting done while playing the game. There’s your answer.

    Not long after I snapped this picture, Pelikan maxed out the Cooking skill, and won her Lifetime Wish. Hooray! Maybe some day I’ll pay enough attention to get a screenshot AS their Lifetime Wish is fulfilled. It’s a pretty quick animation, easy to miss if you’re slow on the draw with the P key, say if your hands are busy knitting a sock.

    Restoring JUST A Neighborhood From Backup

    Obviously, you can restore your entire game back to the last save date just by swapping out the entire Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 directory. This is great if a patch has botched your game, because it literally turns back time to the save date. Any patches you have installed will be magically rolled back to the state your game was at when you backed up your files.

    But you don’t always want to do this!

    In my case, there were two reasons:

    1. I had two weeks of really awesome gameplay in Sunset Valley, with my Splines family. I didn’t want to lose that.

    2. A patch had come out which had fixed a really annoying problem with the Launcher. I didn’t want to lose that.

    3. When I switched over to play with the Splines for a bit, I realized that the pausing problem was NOT affecting Sunset Valley. Only Riverview was broken in this way.

    To restore just a neighborhood’s files (i.e. not affecting the game engine, patches, or the other neighborhood) you just replace the neighborhood files in the Saves folder. There will be two folders and a file for each neighborhood.

    In my case, I replaced the Riverview.sims3 and Riverview.sims3.backup folders, and the Riverview.sims3.legacy file.

    Before you do this, change your system configurations to “show hidden files” and “show file extensions.” And make a backup of these files first, just in case!

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