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    Sims Sunday: Chicks Dig It

    Everyone knows – chicks dig The Sims 2.

    chicks dig the sims

    Have you ever wondered if you were the first person ever in human history to do something? I wonder if I am the first person ever in human history to hold a three-day-old baby chick up to a computer monitor in order to take a picture of it watching The Sims 2. I very well might be.

    Before we move on to the Sims proper, I just wanted to point out Harriet’s eensy weensy proto-tail feathers.

    chicks dig the sims

    Okay. Please put your chickens away now. Sorry about that – Frank is at college, and I find the college years atrociously boring.

    chicks dig the sims

    College is an important life stage, because they can spend most of their day increasing their skills. And Sims that graduate from college end up with six slots for Wants, rather than the usual four. This makes it easier to manage them, because the more Wants they have, the more likely it is that one of them will be easy to fulfill.

    chicks dig the sims

    Still, though. I get a lot of knitting done when my Sims are at college.

    chicks dig the sims

    In his senior year, I sent Frank out to some community lots to find a prospective wife. This was weird:

    chicks dig the sims

    “I’m ignoring you as I walk right past you, and also I’m in love with you, and also I’m pretending to have a conversation on the phone.” WTF.

    Moments after Crazy In Love And Using Imaginary Phone Lady walked past, a girl named Sharon Wirth walked onto the lot. Frank swooned as soon as he laid eyes upon her. Fortunately, she was smitten by him, as well.

    chicks dig the sims

    Frank has graduated college, and is ready to return home. FINALLY.

    7 comments to Sims Sunday: Chicks Dig It

    • Franz

      I’m unclear on what “lots” are. I’m guessing they’re disconnected bits of game world, so you have to do something to move your Sims from one to another. I’m also guessing this relates to why your family house seems to be the only structure in its part of the world, which looks very odd. Just a flat, straight road and a flat, empty field fading into the mist, and one tall house. Sort of Twilight-Zone-esque.

    • Franz – not to mention the gigantic chick in the foreground.

    • is that a trenchcoat or a bathrobe that he’s wearing? Weird.

    • Haha! Harriet is so cute! I can’t stand it.

    • Northmoon

      looks like your chicks are going to grow up at the same speed as your sims. Harriet has real feathers already! And the beginnings of a tail – so cute.

    • I would venture to guess that you might just be the first one to put a chick in front of the Sims to take a picture.

      You talked me into actually using University. I hadn’t thought about the extra wants until you mentioned it. Sigh. It is extra boring, but at least with the twins there together theres a little more to do. At least they really like each other. I need to decide which is my heir 😉

    • Katelyn

      I think the girl was telling Frank to call her lol

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