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    Binary Armwarmer Pattern Available For Sale

    It is done! The Binary Armwarmer pattern is now available for sale (PDF download) in my Ravelry store. For those of you without Ravelry accounts, I’m working to get it published on Patternfish as well.

    These self-referential, elbow-length armwarmers each say “ARMWARMER” in binary. Be the biggest geek in your knitting group, and the biggest knitter in your geek group!

    Special bonus: they are stripey!

    (Click pictures for bigger version)

    Special thanks to Dorothy (tech editor) and Advicemonkey (hand model)!

    2 comments to Binary Armwarmer Pattern Available For Sale

    • Jennifer

      Cool! I’d probably do them in something boring like black and white. I love the geek factor.

    • kellys

      my hubs is now playing Borderlands, and is busy translating (via online translator) all the binary text like “OMG” in 0s and 1s.
      I just showed him these and he’s thinking xmas :O)

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