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    How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Sims 3 This Week?

    About this much:

    orange socks

    The aqua stitch marker on the unfinished sock is marking round 30 of the cuff. That’s the halfway point on the ribbing. One more evening of gameplay and I think these socks will be finished! Must be some kind of record!

    Speaking of Sims 3, just wait until you see what happened! I couldn’t believe it myself.

    7 comments to How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Sims 3 This Week?

    • Those look awesome! And I’m pretty excited to hear what happened :)

    • Sooooo, exactly how do you play games and knit at the same time? Last time I saw you, you didn’t have four arms.

    • Erika

      I knit during the boring parts. I think players usually work with a different Sim during the boring parts. Like while Sim A is endlessly training with the martial arts dummy, you’d take Sim B out to collect rare seeds or gems. Or you can just sit back and work on knitting your socks!

      I’ve heard a lot of knitters get good work done in WOW while waiting for the entire raiding party to gather. And I know a few Eve Online players who knit while mining or on long travels. So it’s not JUST Sims that has long boring parts.

    • First of all, thanks for the real life preview of what my OJ socks are going to look like. I wish they were farther up my queue so I could start knitting them now.

      And secondly, why do you want to do me like that with the Sims tease?

      I’ve started knitting and letting the kids do as they will rather than obessively controlling every moment of their lives. I’m thinking of trying a I’m surrounded by idiots house for this purpose alone.

      And now for something completely off topic – since we seem to share like TV sensibilities I have to recommend BBC’s Survivors. Post apocolypse by virus world, small group of survivors, science turned against humanity, really great suspense. You’ll love it. As if any of us need any more TV in our lives.

    • Marshall

      I’m not usually a fan of the color orange, but for some reason i LOVE those socks! And now I’m sad the yarn is discontinued…

    • Tease.
      Nice socks, though.

    • Nice socks! Can’t wait for the update. I usually knit during the boring parts too but you seem a lot better at it than I am!

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