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    Buoyed by my progress on Super International Pajama Day, I finished up the second sock over the following week.

    lornas laces shepherd sock multi

    I knit these toe-up, using the Baudelaire heel. I really like the way it looks (and fits) just like a top-down heel flap!

    The heel flap tends to be a little bit shallower than when I work them top-down. So after I finish turning the heel, I work about an inch of stockinette before starting in on the ribbing. That way the ribbing ends right above my heel, which helps keep the socks from creeping down in back.

    lornas laces shepherd sock multi

    Lisa asked if I had any pictures of top-down socks where I’d just used K2TOG all around on the toe:


    I’m pretty sure I did this on my Hundertwasser socks. But I can’t really tell. See what I mean? I wear hand-knit socks every day. Believe me, after they’ve been on your feet and stuffed into shoes for a few months, you’ll never know the difference.

    Last week I washed all my socks. They hang from the ceiling (which is the floor of the loft) to dry near the wood stove. It’s getting to be a lot of socks!

    washed socks

    So how come when I want heavyweight socks, all I have clean is lightweight socks, and vice versa?

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