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    A Tale of Two Increases

    I admit to being generally indifferent on the subject of increases and decreases. Some people get worked up about right-slanting versus left-slanting, and I think that’s awesome. Truthfully, most of the time I just do KFB or K2TOG regardless of what the pattern specifies.

    I’ll even confess to using one or the other when decreasing or increasing on a pair of socks. Granted the toe of a top-down sock looks nicer if you pair K2TOG with SSK on each side of the foot. But I just can’t be bothered. And I never look at the toes of my socks, anyway. I just merrily K2TOG at all four points and call it done.

    In the case of the Urban Necessity mitts, I’m actually not sure what the pattern specifies. That would require me to cross-check “M1” with the stitches key, and I didn’t print that part out. Naturally on the first glove, I just went with KFB.

    I’ve never had a problem with KFB, but for some reason they came out looking terrible on this project. This is just regular old Cascade 220 at 5.5 st/inch, like usual. But even as indifferent a knitter as I was a little horrified at the result.

    urban necessity

    That’s KFB increases at the thumb gusset on the far left. These pictures were taken post-blocking, so the stitches look about as nice as they ever will.

    On the far right I busted out my next favorite increase, which doesn’t seem to have a proper name. On the left needle, you pick up the stitch below, put it on the needle, and knit it. TECHKnitting has a great tutorial here.

    Sometimes, the increase really DOES matter!

    8 comments to A Tale of Two Increases

    • So you’re gonna rip out the one on the left, correct? ::har har har::

    • It was the best of increases, it was the worst of increases!

      I’ve knit 6 socks so far and have done the SSK/K2TOG decrease on them all. Do you have a picture of a sock where you did all K2TOG decreases?

    • There’s a matching inc for your second favorite – just pick up a stitch in the row below from the other side. (From the stitch now on your right needle.)
      My grandma taught me to knit, but just showed me kfb and k2tog. I discovered all the other increases and decreases by tripping over them out in the world.

    • I’m such a newb, I think they look fine! 😛

      Ok nevermind I just went back and looked and saw what you were talking about. It reminds me a little bit of crimped hair haha I still think it looks fine enough to never worry about again.

    • I’m totally going to try that the next time I need to make an increase. Looks great.

    • Paula

      Hm. Maybe it’s just me, but the stitch you don’t have a name for sounds an awful lot like a m1, in which you pick up the strand between the two needles, pull it on the left one, and knit it.

    • […] Lisa asked if I had any pictures of top-down socks where I’d just used K2TOG all around on the toe: […]

    • minnie

      that’s actually the kind of increases they use in the skew socks! iknow, i’m late to the party, and you may know this already, but i gotta open my gob, lol.

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