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    Sims Sunday: Vacation!

    Finally the twins grew into teenagers. Here, Pelikan is waiting for the adults to stop talking so that she can blow out her candles.

    sims sunday

    As they chat, their guest is thinking about getting a new computer, while Klango is thinking about himself. Eerie how true-to-life this game can be at times.

    I wanted to buy a few things that are only available in China, like the martial arts training dummy. I sent Olivia off on vacation so that we could buy them. I tossed Klango in there with her at the last minute, because he never gets to go anywhere. He has the “Stir Crazy” moodlet more or less permanently.

    The first thing Olivia did, upon entering the Forbidden City, was go for a swim in this pool.

    sims sunday

    Is that okay? I mean, it doesn’t even look like a swimming pool. Pretty sure it’s only there for decoration. But no one came to arrest her, so I guess it’s okay.

    The next day, I sent them both off to the martial arts academy for some training.

    sims sunday

    Once he was finished training, Klango plunked his ass down and read a book.

    sims sunday

    Then he went back to the hostel to shower up. He finished off the night by eating ice cream straight out of the carton.

    sims sunday

    Seriously guys, this is starting to look like one of MY vacations. (I had to travel to Las Vegas for work September before last. Spent pretty much every non-work minute holed up in my hotel room, eating take-out, watching House re-runs, and knitting. It was THE BEST!)

    By the second day of their three-day trip, Olivia had a “Return Home” wish. (Metoo.) As soon as they got home, she had to check the sink to make sure it was okay.

    sims sunday

    DEFINITELY just like one of my vacations.

    2 comments to Sims Sunday: Vacation!

    • kt

      Hmmm, looks like bagel/pancake ice cream from the illustration on the container…maybe with a side of maple cream cheese?

      Love my Sunday Sims fix.

    • Leslie

      I had the same worry when my teen Sim went swimming in that pool. I felt sure that it would be terribly inappropriate to swim there. (And he doesn’t have the ‘inappropriate’ trait, but he is ‘absent-minded’. I had to remind him like 6 times to go “Check-In” for gosh sakes!)

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