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    Dog Fur Hat Completed

    I finished the Newfoundland chiengora fur hat last weekend. Here it is in its tubular glory, along with the neighbor’s cat. (Oh but Brady is outraged when the neighbor’s cat stops by. Much less if I’m outside petting it. I was in BIG trouble when I got back inside.)

    chiengora hat

    And here it is cuffed for wear.

    chiengora hat

    The dog fur yarn has no bounce or memory, so I knit it held together with a strand of Cascade 220 to give it some body. This is my Easy Hat except that I did more decreases at the top and drew it together with the yarn tail like a drawstring. Next time I would do the second set of decreases every round, because it ended up a little pointy, but whatever.

    Once the spinner (not me) washes the oil off the fiber, it doesn’t smell a bit like dog. Even when it’s wet! Crazy, right? Dog fur yarn is really warm, but frankly I’m not terribly keen on the texture. It’s almost identical to mohair, which isn’t my favorite fiber.

    In fact, turns out I’m allergic to dog fur yarn the same way I’m allergic to mohair. It’s a problem with the little bits of fiber that come floating off when you knit it. They make my fingers itch, and my eyes swell up.

    My solution in this case – since I had already promised to knit it by the time I realized the fiber was a problem – was to wear a pair of safety goggles. I had to wash all the sawdust off them, because I use them when I work with the alligator lopper chainsaw, but they worked well!

    7 comments to Dog Fur Hat Completed

    • Jennifer

      You’re a trooper, Erika! At least it looks soft in the pictures. I bet you’d get a better hand from cat fur. chatgora?

    • I chuckled at the mental image of you knitting in your safety goggles. Cute hat, though :)

    • I, too, am picturing you putting on your safety goggles to knit…
      Must be the wet dog smell is actually wet dog, and not wet dog fur.

    • kellys

      pix or it never happened!

    • I wonder how people would react to seeing you wearing goggles while knitting. I bet they never thought it could be such a dangerous activity!

    • jenn

      Gahaha, I am so linking my parents to this. My parents who met when my dad did a double-take at seeing a woman in his apartment complex in goggles and a two-inch pelt of sawdust while using the powersaw in the garage. Dad tries to sell me on using the larger of these two dogs for fur

      …but he’s part husky and I think picking the guard hairs out of the bumfluff would be more trouble than the resulting yarn would be worth…Awesome that you soldiered through with the Newfie yarn though!

    • I’m not surprised about the Newfie not having a lot of memory. I’m guessing that mixing the dog fur with some other sort of roving would fix this up right away.

      I wonder how Newfie felts?

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