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    I usually try to post something on Monday evening, to bump Sims Sunday off the top of the page. I feel bad when Sims Sunday stays longer than that. Is there anything sadder than a “Sunday” post still sitting there on a Tuesday? It’s like a Christmas tree lingering through Easter.

    But life has just been whizzing by this month, and Monday was no exception. The knitting has been whizzing by, too. But before we get to that, I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS.

    I have a policy against blogging either gifts or purchases. I’ve seen knitting blogs that are nothing but “Look at this beautiful thing I bought” and “Look at this wonderful thing someone sent me,” and I find it tedious as hell.

    But in this case, I think you’ll understand when I make an exception.


    This is the Deathflake Chart [non-Ravelry link], which a local knitting friend knit up in dishcloth cotton for me. I use it as a coaster (as you can see it already has a coffee stain, BAD ERIKA).

    It makes me really happy, and some day I plan to make a Deathflake Hat or a Deathflake Sweater, or something awesome like that.


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