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    Another ruined photoshoot. Two, actually.

    I was going to lay out the whole socks situation, but the cats are very needy today.


    “I am more important than this THING. Why are you paying attention to a THING?”


    “This STUFF is in my way. I’ll just make some room by kicking it off the edge. That’s better.”



    After this, I gave up. A few hours later, I stealthily set up the photo shoot again. And lo, the other cat came running.


    I give up.

    Special bonus content: Mr. Burrito is getting big, yes he is!


    13 comments to Another ruined photoshoot. Two, actually.

    • Judy

      The kitty is adorable but oh, Mr Burrito! You have changed! Oh, and the socks, what we can see of them, are gorgeous!

    • ayla

      Did Mr. Burrito’s family give him a new name?

    • KellyS

      hee!! the kid screams and/or spits up for attention. Cats are funnier.

    • Patti

      omiGAWD he’s HUMONGOUS. Is his tongue always out?

    • Mr. Burrito looks like a black wookie.

    • Oh Mr Burrito! He is almost cuter than the cats :)

    • He’s getting so big! Cutie pie.

      I can’t believe you’re neglecting your cats like that for a SOCK.

    • wow Mr Burito..You has grown up quite handsomely. I remember when you were feeding him with the bottle. My cat is also very needy.:D

    • Meg McG

      I second the black wookie!
      Cats are great, but they are pains in the butts when it comes to knitting.

    • northmoon

      love your needy, attention grabbing cats! so typical. one of my cats is book obsessed, she’ll climb on any book I’m reading and sit on it, even if I’m holding it upright! I have to have two books if I want to read in bed – one for Audra, one to read.

      the green socks look great anyway, couldn’t see as much of the red ones!

    • Josie

      Love the socks and the cats. I really enjoyed reading the saga of Mr Burrito who is now just too cute for words.

      Tell you kitties to keep up the good work!

    • PICAdrienne

      The green garter ridge socks are lovely. I am sure the yarn is wonderfully soft. The pattern is also very nicely stretchy.

      Oh, Brady and Kimble, you are loved and adored, which is why there are far more pictures of you than of socks.

      Mr. Burrito!, what a ‘do! Goodness, he looks like he is smiling.

    • Hehe :) Cats are fun, aren’t they? (she says tongue in cheek after one of hers has started yowling at 4am by the side of the bed for some odd reason she can’t fathom out) Mr Burrito is going to be huge.

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