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    All Is Quiet On Dishcloth Day

    This one is taking a lot longer than the others.


    Is the dishcloth fever beginning to break? There’s really no way to know.


    3 comments to All Is Quiet On Dishcloth Day

    • Okay, you got ME started now. We went out for pizza last night, and both Andrew’s hat and mittens were at a point where I needed to sit quietly with the pattern in view whilst I knit. So I grabbed a #7 needle and a couple partial skeins of Sugar ‘n’ Cream to take with me…

    • kellys

      prolly cuz it’s good enough to eat.

    • Jennifer

      Hey, happy New Year, Erika! You picked up eggs drunk, and I’m felting in the washing machine for the first time today. (French Press Felted Slippers) It’s a big year so far. 😀 Also, nice dishcloths.

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