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    Random Notes

    1. Earlier this week we passed a significant annual milestone! The planet has tilted such that I have to draw the curtain at my desk in the late afternoon.


    I Twittered about this but I wanted to post a picture, too.

    2. Have you seen the Favorite Local Yarn Shops interactive map? Anyone who’s ever planned a trip and wondered where the yarn stores are will find this terribly useful!

    3. One of Merlin Mann’s mantras is “Fail faster.” After careful scrutiny of the Rambling Rows afghan schematic, I have found that if you knit it up to square #23, you’ve got yourself a nice rectangle of knitting. Interest in this project has been renewed.

    rambling rows

    Besides – look at this thing! It’s huge! If I finish square #23, I will have a slightly-less-than-half-size afghan which is about 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Honestly, that’s fine.

    Who needs a gigantic bedspread made of handwash-only yarn, anyway? Not someone who lives in a house as small as mine, that’s for sure.

    4. The stashbusting, two-strands-at-a-time socks are going well.

    stashbusting socks

    Maybe not the most attractive socks in the world, but they’ll keep my feet warm.

    5. I’m thinking about setting myself an Inbox Zero challenge for the month of March. Then I’m thinking, maybe I should do Zero challenges every month for the rest of the year! After that I’m thinking, Let’s be honest: I will never follow through on that.

    6. I would like to direct you to the comment that Jacie left on my post, The polite term is “Vampire-American”:

    my sim vampires wouldn’t stop kissing when the sun came up so they just kept on doin it till they were ashes.

    That is just so damned poignant. I have not the words.

    7. Favorite La Conner Weekly News police blotter item:

    5:50PM: Lockout Deputy helped a man on Conner Way near the Rainbow Bridge in La Conner. The man had stepped out of his pickup truck and left the keys in the ignition. The dog waiting in the truck hit the electronic lock button with his paw and wouldn’t hit it again to let the owner back in.

    There’s nothing I don’t love about that story.

    Incidentally, the most recent local dust-up is over this King 5 news story (which is why those news vans were in town last month). The retailers who were interviewed are outraged that 95% of what they told reporters (good news) was cut, and that the remaining 5% was aired out of context.

    Several scathing letters to the editor have been sent to the LCWN. King 5, determined to push the agenda of their doom-and-gloom story, has broken our hearts. [single tear]

    The truth is that yes, La Conner is a ghost town in January. (We like that, by the way.) But the number of visitors has already started picking up. A local friend stopped downtown on a sunny Sunday afternoon recently, and described it as “a madhouse.” (There was a line of 10 people at the coffee shop! That’s a lot for us.)

    Unfortunately, “Town is doing fairly well” isn’t the kind of thing that makes news headlines. Pity, too, because La Conner is a real civic success story.

    6 comments to Random Notes

    • A 3’x5′ blanket is the perfect size for a lap blanket. Something to cover your legs while you watch tv or read; it also ensures that you will have a kitteh in your lap within 20 seconds.

      David Pogue, the NYTimes tech writer, just had a link to a story about dealing with one’s email inbox. I was so inspired I have been cleaning mine up tonight; just took a few minutes off to read some blogs. [back to the inbox now]

    • love your afghan. I think if I approached it like that, I may actually work on one (er, which I have to as I’m making one for my friend’s mom!)

      *I* like the socks!

      pretty view.

    • Your afghan is really pretty. I think 3′ x 5′ is plenty too!

      I like to use while traveling as well as calling Google 411 when I am out on the road and forgot to actually print out the handy dandy map with all the yarn shops on it.

    • That dog probably didn’t want to cross the Rainbow Bridge…that’s what animals do when they die! 😮

    • Heh…If I can keep my inbox to one page, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

      Rambling Rows is lovely…I’m sure it will be perfect at any size.

    • I’m retiring in 55 days (but I’m not counting) and my ultimate goal is to move to La Conner! Clean air, lots of moisture. Now I live in Santa Fe NM and am so TIRED of this drought!

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