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    Dances With Dishcloths

    This is the same purple I matched with the persimmon in the last dishcloth, plus “Lime Stripes.”

    I worry that, with yet another dishcloth (12 in 17 days) I may start losing members of the audience. And yet I am helpless to stop.


    How about some chicken news? People seem to like chicken news.

    Ethel has molted a little tiny bit, at the back of her neck. Although you’d never know it to look at Her Royal Fluffiness.


    Only half of what you see is chicken. The rest is all feathers. You would be shocked if you picked her up, and felt how small her body actually is, buried inside all that fluff.

    Here’s a better picture of the bare spot, with a bit of the fencing wire in the way.


    While I was going through my pictures, I discovered I had caught a perfect picture of chicken eyelashes.


    I had no idea chickens had eyelashes!

    OH I nearly forgot! Everyone please congratulate Lisa on her first sock!

    13 comments to Dances With Dishcloths

    • Chennpug

      Don’t sweat it! I’m totally digging the dishcloths. Although, pattern variety might be nice, but at least you’re varying the colors nicely. :)

    • Dani B

      Me, I’m hanging on for the fabulous dishcloth wordplay in the post titles. More, more!

    • Yeah, your post titles are excellent! Your dishcloth photography is very nice, too — far above what most of us do.

    • That Ethel is gorgeous. I didn’t know chickens had eyelashes, either!

      Thank you! So now that I’ve made my test sock successfully, I’ve started on Thuja in a blue tweed (Williamstown by Valley Yarns) with the hopes of having a pair of socks to give to my dad for his birthday.

    • Eyelashes? I did not know that.

    • kellys

      Cool on both, but hey, Ethel wassup? Is she ok or is it Seasonal Affective Disorder for Chickens?
      I keep trying to start a dishcloth, given all this inspiration. pah on distractions.

    • yvette

      chickens ARE way more interesting!

    • charlotte

      Dude, the dishcloths are awesome. They’re the perfect knitted item- fun to knit, not too serious, useful, with endless creative possibilities…. They’re right up there with string bags.

    • Brenna

      Ok… so… knitting ignorance here: How do you switch colors so seamlessly for your stripey dishcloths? I’ve only done single color (or varrigated/self striping) ones and I like yours SO MUCH better! This is a knitting skill I have not yet learned! ACK! (hiding head)

    • I love the dishcloths. I crocheted 3 for myself during our Christmas blizzard. I love hearing about your chicken escapades also as we have chickens too. We have close to 2 doz. and it is nice to know that even when snowed in we will at least have a couple of eggs to eat.

    • two silver cats

      Yeah, I agree with Brenna up there… how ’bout a tutorial?

      I think it’s the season for brainless knitting as well. My hands want to knit, but my brain doesn’t want to concentrate long enough to follow a pattern. I’ve been using leftover sock yarn to create long strips for a stockinette blanket (sort of like your mitered afghan but without the mitered parts). Frankly, this thing looks like somebody barfed technicolor scarfs. It’s perhaps the most hideous thing I’ve ever made, mostly because I have so little solid-color yarn– BUT I CAN’T STOP WORKING ON IT.

      And your chicken looks like she has those falsie eyelashes from the 60’s. Very nice.

    • Chickens always seem to be a crowd-pleaser.
      I love Ethel. I wish our (so-called) Buff Orpingtons had turned out like her.

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