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Book List Mystery Solved

My librarian Metadata Coordinator friend Paul passed along a link to this blog post.

Blogger The Rabid Paladin did some excellent sleuthing, and managed to track down the origin of that list of 100 random-ish books that’s been making the rounds lately.

“Well, at this point I abandoned the Big Read as a likely red herring and went for list composition. The ordering of the list is specific and that should be something I can search against, right? After all, how many lists start off with Pride and Prejudice, right?”

Long story short: the list was the result of a poll, which explains some of the oddities. (Like the inclusion of both “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” AND “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

4 comments to Book List Mystery Solved

  • Love it! I’ve been wondering where it came from. The oddities made it seem more like it had been tinkered with. I didn’t think of a poll.

  • Is “metadata coordinator” the new code phrase for librarian? If so, I need to inform all my librar-, er, metadata coordinator friends. I have heard the term metadata used in a cataloging class I took; metadata coordinator makes sense but is waaaay too obscure.

  • I love the research!! It makes sense now, as the doubling bugged me.

  • Lori

    Thanks to metadata coordinator Paul for the sleuthing. I “heart” and “friend” him in the cyberworld. :O)