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    My love for the internet is at an all-time high

    Turns out, there’s a thriving YouTube collection of videos of raccoons stealing things. A sampling, in alphabetical order by item being stolen:




    Cat food: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Cat food and the dish






    Teddy bear


    5 comments to My love for the internet is at an all-time high

    • When I was cat sitting, the dry food was in a big popcorn can on the back porch. The whole can disappeared, requiring the purchase of more food. About six months later, the can was found behind some shrubs. The lid’s rim was scratched and chewed all the way around! The raccoons had to roll the can uphill, too. The 8 pounds of cat food survived the adventure but was a little stale. Unfortunately, we have no pictures.

    • Brooke

      Totally random, but completely awesome. Thank you!

    • I really like that one (5) with the family eating the cat food.

    • Wildlife criminology. LOL When you catch your garden eating snail helping raccoons, are they going under this tag?

      Thanks for the video links!

    • Patti

      CSI: Raccoons

      Law and Order: Masked Mammal Unit

      I felt sorry for the one that was stealing the biscuits. I loved how he reached over to one side while nervously watching for the dog. How sad that the dog and then the cat both chased him. But, OMIGOD A RACCOON IN THE HOUSE.

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