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    Swatching Conclusions

    I’ve been doing a lot of swatching this week:


    Upper left: two swatches of the Noro sock yarn held together with Knit Picks essential, one on #2 and one on #3 needles. Upper right: Reynolds Whiskey, which I’ll probably use in my next pattern-for-sale project. Lower left: Jo Sharp’s Silkroad DK. Lower right: Louet Gems Riverstone.

    I bought the Jo Sharp Silkroad DK to use for a Celtic Cabled Scarf [Ravelry link] Non-Ravelry link [pdf].

    Isn’t that scarf beautiful? I want it. I want it so bad.

    I didn’t think I needed a swatch of the Silkroad. In fact, I was all prepared to launch right into the scarf. But I like to keep a swatch of new yarns in my “swatch library” for future reference. So I dutifully knit up a swatch.

    Good thing I did.

    The Silkroad is so, SO beautiful and soft. But once you block your swatch, it both relaxes and halo-ficates such that any – ANY – stitch definition is lost.

    Compare it to the Riverstone swatch. Both swatches have seed stitch at the edges. Look how much sharper those stitches are in the swatch on the right.


    I was dismayed, to say the least. I went down a needle size, and swatched the Silkroad with some random cables.


    OMGWTFBLECCH! I can hardly even tell which side is up! Can you?


    Compare this to the amazing stitch definition of Cascade 220. Even after a few years of wear, and several washings, the cables on my Stulpens still really “pop.”


    So… I don’t know. I’d return the Silkroad to the yarn store, but I love it so much. I just need to find a project that doesn’t require any stitch definition or body. Maybe some flip-top mittens, knit at a super-tight gauge in the round.

    In other news, today was a really big day!


    Earth finally tilted with the seasonal progression such that I had to shut the curtain at my office window in the late afternoon. Every year I mark the First Curtain day with a happy sigh.

    5 comments to Swatching Conclusions

    • 1. I need to correct something. Both pairs of my double-stranded socks were knit on US#2 needles, no #3 involved anywhere. (I think the #3 got put into the #2 package once when I was tidying up.)

      2. Why do I not have a pair of Stulpen? I have the pattern, I have a shitload of yarn, why have I not made a pair? Apparently my brain is made of goo.

      3. I have that same curtain day in my kitchen window but with two small but significant difference: I have no curtain so just have to squint, and the sun shines in that window only when the ecliptic has sunk low enough, i.e., it is near the winter solstice.

    • Katharine

      Well I liked the brown swatch better anyway.

    • I am shocked, shocked. Simply shocked that only 20% of your swatching is grey!

    • Erika

      We-e-e-ll, more like 50% if you consider “brown” to be the same as “gray.” Which I basically do.

    • Maybe a nice cowl with the Silkroad? (Don’t listen to me, I’ve been cowl-happy all winter…)
      I’ve got some Whiskey I received as a gift – haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Maybe I should finally knit Stulpen?
      (I love yours, BTW!)

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