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    Here’s the scene that greeted me from my office window this morning:


    Things are white, which yesterday were green. This displeases me.

    That being said, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be as bad as the December snow-mageddon. The one where I was stuck at home for 17 days, and without running water for 8 days, (although the pipes thawed just in time for Christmas), and my dad drove up from Portland to take me grocery shopping, and I stuck my car in a ditch* trying to get out of the driveway, and I slipped on the ice and gave myself a concussion.

    That was a bad snow. Very bad. No biscuit!

    Last night I rummaged through my bin of sock yarn and came up with two skeins that will go together passably well. I swatched a few times, then cast on for a pair of socks. One strand of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, and one strand of Knit Picks Essential.


    Usually I like to choose two colors which are nearly identical, or at least similar in color value. But in this case, there’s nothing that’s going to match a skein of Noro. Except I guess another skein of Noro. (I did briefly think about buying a new skein of Noro in order to knit the one I have. But I decided that the madness stops here.)

    * I dithered over that sentence for a long time. The conventional phrase is, “my car got stuck in a ditch.” But I have developed a severe allergic reaction to the passive tense. I’m sure you understand.

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    • Jennifer

      I do understand.

    • Understanding happened.

    • Passive tense = bad. Very bad. So bad that if it occurs more than once in whatever I am reading, I stop reading that thing and call down curses on the author’s head. Thank you for avoiding the passive tense; you have avoided the Dreaded Kurse Of The Kat™.

      btw, we are under a winter storm alert although the white stuff hasn’t actually started to fall yet. I am 75 miles away from work and had planned to drive in right about when the storm will hit (no, I didn’t know about the alert when I made my plans). Happily, I brought my computer home with me so can work from here. In my jammies. Yay.

    • I think, in such cases, one should go to really, really active. Assume agency with a vengeance! “I trapped my car in a ditch because it displeased me, and I left it there to rot. It never even noticed the branches covering the Pit of Doom. Ah-ha-haha-ha-HA!”

    • I’m not going to comment on grammar.

      As for the sock, I’m knitting a sock out of Kureyon sock yarn right now, and it’s causing some issues. The yarn is overspun, so it doubles back on itself often. It actually tied itself in a knot earlier today. also, it’s totally unelastic. I think it’s smart to pair it with the KP.

      Besides, I wouldn’t try to match Noro with anything, really. I’d find a color that complemented one of the colors in the noro, and just let it go. At least you’re not doing stripes like every other GD knitter on the planet. I love the idea, but I’ll do it in a few years when the hoopla has died down.

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