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    Red Scarves Needed

    Earlier this week, Norma announced that the Red Scarf Project is short of their goal by about 1,800 scarves. They need quality, unisex scarves, deadline December 15th.

    I was planning to sit out Red Scarf Project 2009, since breaking my wrist last May played havoc with my knitting plans for the year. I’m still not quite up to full speed, and I have some stuff that needs to be done by Christmas. But when I heard the OFA was at less than 50% of their goal, I had to pitch in!

    Considering the deadline, I knew this would have to be knit in worsted weight (i.e. quickly). I don’t have enough true worsted in my stash for an entire scarf. And I’m going to co-opt Ryan’s phrase and say I’ve been doing a lot of “recession knitting” lately.

    Red Scarf

    Luckily I found a great deal on worsted weight yarn at Joann’s. They didn’t have red, but hopefully that’s alright. I figure if I can knit 6 inches per day, that’s only 10 days to a proper 60-inch scarf. At that rate it will be ready to mail by December 5th.

    9 comments to Red Scarves Needed

    • Katharine

      Ok I just checked the stash.I’ve got some nice yarn in a dark green, the color seems unisex to me. Does the scarf have to be in wool or will other natural fiber blends be alright? I am pretty sure I can bang out a fairly plain scarf by the deadline.

    • kellys

      I’m chugging along–it’s such bad timing for me, as it’s finals and all. However, I think I can do it!! I bought red yarn 2 years ago, but never had the time and just donated cashola.
      here we go!! challenge set–and I like the 6″ per day idea. Totally doable. Thanks for the idear, missy :}

    • Good for you! I already sent them two scarves, and my other holiday knitting does not allow time for another scarf.

    • I was hoping to make two, but I’ll be doing well to finish one.
      Good luck with your plan!

    • Not-red is perfectly GREAT, as long as it’s unisex, and yours is definitely that, as is your ribbed scarf — AWESOME, and thank you so much for joining in, Erika! XO

    • Whendi

      I started a coffee cup cozy for my SIL in a red, but these kids need it more. I will frog and repurpose into a scarf. I think I have some green somewhere for SIL.

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll also alert my knitting group.

    • Cast one on just now! Thanks for the heads up!

    • I’m hoping to send one in too. I’ve got to get a handle on my Christmas knitting but :::fingers crossed::: I think I can make one in time.

    • I’ve been working on mine since September. Me and big needles–or rather, my shoulder and big needles do not play well together and now I’m only 20 inches away and I’m just not all that sure if I’ll make it…but I’m trying.

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