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Liz Lemon Hat: Completed!

After pretty much finishing the Liz Lemon hat, and then ripping it all the way back and casting on again, I buckled down and finished the second version much more quickly.

First, another look at the original:

Liz Lemon Hat

And now my final version, finished for real and gifted to the recipient, I won’t be ripping this one back, I promise!

Liz Lemon Hat

(I clone stamped out some schmutz on the board which was visually distracting. I’m pretty sure you can’t even tell where. The key to successful use of the clone stamp tool is subtlety.)

I think the decreases look kind of neat on the inside.

Liz Lemon Hat

At the top I did the same sort of decrease I use on 2×2 ribbing. The pattern is divided into two groups – purls and knits. I subdivide these into two more groups each; odds and evens.

Round 1: Decrease one stitch in each purl/odd column.
Round 2: Decrease one stitch in each knit/odd column.
Round 3: Decrease one stitch in each purl/even column.
Round 4: Decrease one stitch in each knit/even column.

Liz Lemon Hat

Much better.

And here’s a look at that (corrected) turning row.

Liz Lemon Hat

This is kind of hard to explain if you’ve never seen one before. But the next time you knit a hat with a brim, knit one full round after the cuff, but before you start the body. It makes the brim flip up just right.

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