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    What Was I Thinking?

    This week it was cold enough that I was motivated to bust open the box of winter knits.

    rambling rows

    Whose great idea was it to knit an afghan that’s five feet long, and only two feet wide?

    I also had to laugh when I saw that I hadn’t dealt with the last three loose ends before cramming it into the box. Or bothered to remove the stitch marker.

    6 comments to What Was I Thinking?

    • kellys

      makes for a great bench warmer…Looks yummy so far!

    • Franz

      It looks cool, though. As in “nifty”, not “cold”.

    • Northmoon

      I’d say it’s a wrap, for those chilly evenings at the computer. Very nice and cozy.

    • It’s a wrap. Cute too.

      Did you catch Botany of Desire on PBS last night? Pretty interesting.

    • Maybe it could be a “throw” or some sort of back of the couch decoration thingy?

    • Dani

      yeah, i have a afghan/wrap/franken-scarf that is 6 ft long & 2 ft wide!
      Its too bulky to comfortably wrap yourself in & too narrow to work as a blanket for even the skinniest person.
      Its pretty much useless, but it looks pretty folded up in the corner on the trunk….stupid gauge….stupid lazy knitter who didn’t feel like frogging when she noticed it was way off.
      But on the upside, I did manage to get all the stitch markers out.
      errr,I think.

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