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Christo would be proud

After a few weeks of resting my hands (I mean, except for the part where I type all day long for a living), I’m finally able to knit a little here and there. Which means – heavy sigh – it’s back to the Rambling Rows afghan.

I have been working on this for my whole entire life. Or so it is beginning to seem. Just for some perspective, here is a picture of the afghan with a very large cat for scale:

rambling rows

See how big that is? It’s about four feet wide, and maybe two feet long. That is a lot – a LOT – of garter stitch. Acres of garter stitch. Basically, I have been knitting the garter stitch for as long as I can remember.

Which makes this even more puzzling. Look at what I noticed yesterday:

rambling rows

See it? There in the middle? I purled.


10 comments to Christo would be proud

  • I did that on a sock I made. Randomly, in the middle of a round, I purled. It’s a feature.

  • PICAdrienne

    I have done that a couple of times on my daughter’s log cabin blanket. Once I may have even gone the wrong way on a row, but I frogged back a few rows…

  • Northmoon

    “Oh the humanity!” or the monotony. Your subconcious must have rebelled against all the garter and snuck in a purl. I agree wity Ayla – it’s a feature.

  • Tanneke

    Don’t worry!! My dh always says that shows its handmde and looks very artistic.

  • Haha, it seems you were so sick of that garter stitch that you just HAD to do something different.
    BTW, that’s why I never tried an afghan yet, I think I wouldn’t be able to finish it…

  • Obviously it’s an artistic statement about the rights of the individual.
    Or something like that…

  • Did I knit that? I must have because that’s something I’m always doing.

  • I sometimes get confused between knitting and purling, too. Like the others said — it’s a feature.

  • I have been working on a baby sweater for forever and I just realized I knitted a row instead of purling… jeez… and I am HORRIBLE at pulling out rows. It never seems to work for me. Maybe I should just forget it!!! You can tell I am discouraged.

  • Erica

    Think of ht at purl stitch as a “Where’s Waldo” feature in the afghan. Regarding the not knitting. Congratulations on starting up again. I had to stop for six months and then started again with US size 10.5 needles. I couldn’t hold the smaller US 5 needles without cramping up. It’s great you can start up with the same project. On the other hand, if you’re that tired of it, start something smaller….