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    Seasonal Updates

    1. The firewood guy was supposed to drop off a load of wood last week, but he didn’t show. You’re either puzzled by this announcement, or busting a gut at the deadpan humor. (Hint: the firewood guy never shows up on time. Ever. Also, he’s usually an ex-felon or a late-stage alcoholic, or both.)

    2. The chickens should be moulting any day now, right? At some point around this time of year, they lose all their feathers and grow new ones.


    I have noticed that their thick downy coats are starting to look a little blotchy. Martha and Ethel were both solid gold until a few weeks ago.


    I look forward to posting embarrassing pictures of them on the internet.

    In egg news, for the last week I’ve gotten at least three real (i.e. not shell-less) eggs a day. I got four eggs a day for five days in a row, which I think is pretty impressive from four pullets!

    3. Pears!


    9 comments to Seasonal Updates

    • Lori

      The pears are beautiful. So you know what variety?

    • ayla

      You know they’re likely to stop laying in the winter, right? At least that’s what chickens on my coast do.

    • Your girls may not molt this year. I don’t think my girls ever molted the first winter, always the second though.

    • Firewood cutting and selling is the last refuge before welfare. Or it is a cash-basis supplement to welfare. Same deal here.

      My dogs are molting, too. Tufts of fluffy underfur EVERYWHERE! Why doesn’t someone brush them, ffs?

    • my chickens laid until the winter solstice, then started again around President’s day, FWIW.

    • The question is how do you find a firewood guy?

      I need a firewood guy.

      Of course, I’m on the opposite coast, so yours probably can’t help me.

    • The moulting comment made me think of:


      Won’t someone think of the children?

    • They might not do a complete molt this year, though they will certainly do it next year. (Featherless chickens look like lizards, btw)
      I’m highly disappointed in our Buff Orpingtons – because I don’t think that’s what they are. They’re not pretty gold like yours; their color is almost the same bronze as our Rhode Island Reds. The feedstore where we bought the chicks has some questions to answer…

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